'Big Trouble on Sullivan's Island' a Captivating Mystery

Award Winning Author Susan M. Boyer Debuting First Book in 'A Carolina Tale' Series

Jeff Walker / Entertainment Book Review

A decade removed from her debut novel 'Lowcountry Boil' (2012), award winning mystery and suspense writer Susan M. Boyer delivers a refreshing tale ripe with murder, intrigue, lighthearted romance, and a twist of irreverent humor in her latest book 'Big Trouble on Sullivan's Island'. In the first release of what is to become 'A Carolina Tale' series, Boyer offers up a captivating 297 page turner that leaves readers guessing throughout. aaaaaaaabigtrouble3 1

Hadley Cooper's life has been full of highs and lows during her 40 years in greater Charleston. The loss of her mother at a young age combined with the alienation of her father whom she despises has left her with taking sage advice from Gavin and Joe. Respectively the set in their ways ex-Marine and retired FBI agent are protective of Hadley since she's become a licensed private investigator.

Whether by divine intervention or a twist of fate, Hadley finds herself becoming a neighbor to her recent client Eugenia, a well received lowcountry woman finding more pleasure on Sullivan's Island than the family home south of Broad Street in downtown Charleston. There the elderly yet spirited women finds comfort in afternoon cocktail socials with fellow beach dwellers. However, when Eugenia's body turns up dead in her home, Hadley is convinced Eugenia's estranged husband Everette is the only suspect, and is hell bent on bringing him to justice.

Trouble is, Everette was three hours away when the murder took place, and Hadley is his iron clad alibi. Could Hadley's assumptions be misguided due to her friendship with Eugenia? All surefire murder clues lead to a brazen bartender on the island who had words with Eugenia earlier that evening. With the help of Hadley's ex-boyfriend Cash who just happens to be the lead detective on the case, will the investigative duo piece together this classic whodunnit? aaaaaaaabigtrouble2

A Greenville native and frequent South Carolina coast visitor, Boyer knows how to portray greater Charleston on the page. Her Liz Talbot Mystery Series have generated 11 books focused on the lowcountry of South Carolina.  If 'Big Trouble on Sullivan's Island' is the beginning for her next collection of Carolina Tales with Hadley Cooper as the protagonist, than Susan M. Boyer has scored a home run with her avid readers. Her latest release makes for a perfect summer read.

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