'Carolina's Ring', A United Tale of Friendships & Brotherly Bonding

Lynn Seldon's Second Book In Ring Trilogy  Pays Tribute To Honor, Love, and Loyalty 

Jeff Walker Entertainment Book Review

VMI alum and United States Army veteran Lynn Seldon offers up a compelling story of love, honor, loyalty, and loss in his latest book 'Carolina Ring'. A longtime magazine and newspaper contributing writer, as well as a Beaufort SC resident and Pat Conroy follower, 'Carolina's Ring' is the much anticipated follow up to his 2014 book 'Virginia's Ring'. aaaaaaaalynnseldonbook

Twin brothers Alf and Ben Marshall, along with their neighbor Carolina Stone were thick as thieves growing up in Travellers Rest, SC. Not only did the trio share the same birthday, their families were often inseparable, sharing holidays and summer vacations together. However the dynamics between the three changed rather drastically during their high school years, after Carolina's declares her love for one brother over the other.

The strain between the brothers and the new couple becomes even more magnified when the young men choose different military (Citadel & VMI) colleges, with Carolina opting to find her way at UNC. Is regimented first year life at South Carolina's most prestigious military academy sucking the life out of one of the Marshall brothers, or are some secrets just to personal to share with those closest to you.

Much like a well delivered song, Seldon's book is written in three part harmony, with the ABC's (Alf, Ben, & Carolina) each recounting different perspectives of their times together, whether with their families or during breaks from school. Have circumstances and distances created tension among the threesome as seldom as they re-unite.

There are longstanding codes among cadets and keydets, but could the bond between brothers, especially twin brothers run even deeper. Will 'Semper Fi' aka 'always faithful' be put to the test for all three? aaaaaaaalynnseldonimage 1

The characters made be fabricated, but Seldon does incorporate a host of actual places and events, including his portrayals of Charleston and Richmond, a moving Pat Conroy commencement speech, as well as the aftermath following September 11th, 2001 and the toll it took on one brother committed to the Marines after graduation. The futuristic essays Alf and Ben write are equally moving and touch on the Citadel's past and a hope for tomorrow. 

Whether Lynn Seldon is a just a gifted storyteller, or writes fictional narratives based on real life experiences, 'Carolina's Ring' is an emotional yet captivating tale and an easy 250 page summer read. For more on this author and his journeys including Seldon's must have '100 Things to Do in Charleston Before You Die' visit https://seldonink.com/