'You Can't Joke About That', According To Kat Timpf You Can

Fox News Contributor & Gutfeld Co-Host Opens Up In Her First Ever Book,  Explains Why Everything Is Funny!

Jeff Walker / Entertainment Review

For more than 100 years Reader's Digest has known that 'Laughter is the Best Medicine'. Whether you take it orally or by mental injection laughter has healing effects. Humor is however subjective, just like reviews. While some say it's a great restaurant or a compelling movie, others might remark the food sucks and the film deserves one star.

Free thinking rational people get it. We don't agree on all subject matter. Not every joke goes over well. Not every comedy bit is taken as intended. However, there's no reason to attack the comic or the person(s) offering up the comedy. Truth is some may find disturbing topics funny.

In Kat Timpf's first ever book 'You Can't Joke About That', the Fox News contributor and co-host on Greg Gutfeld's late night show opines 'Why everything is funny, Nothing is Sacred, and We're All in This Together (literally the books subtitle). Timpf is basically declaring that society needs to stop walking on egg shells, take a chill pill, and stop being so damn sensitive. aaaaaaaatimpf2

In over 220 pages Timpf takes readers on a personal journey describing her post college life, ex-boyfriends, serving at Boston Market, passion for stand up comedy, and love affair with Cheens (her cat). She further lampoons social media, politics, Hollywood, censorship, culture wars, the main stream media, her Catholic upbringing, gender identity, and several of the 'isms' including racism and sexism.

Unabashed and unfiltered, 34 year old Timpf is antithesis of the stereotypical millennial. Nothing is off limits, because according to her first rule of comedy 'nothing is off limits'.

Timpf sounds off on Bill and Hillary, The Slap (Will & Chris), tweet, retweets, demise of free speech, ostomy bags, and the definition of a woman (Blackburn vs Jackson). I'm not a biologist! She further states words taken out of context can push people from hired to fired in a matter of seconds.

In her book Timpf admits there are touchy subjects and some that are more personal, however if not giving their comedic due, they often are left to self-deprecation and reduced to triviality. Her overall message 'laugh through the tough times and laugh through the dark times'. Let comedy be the drug that brings about healing.

A free speech absolutist Timpf has taken her fair share of abuse, but given her comedic backbone she's weathered the fiery darts of cynicism. Timpf gives praise to the many female comedians such as Joan Rivers who blazed trails before her, despite having to live in the shadows of testosterone driven comics they opened for.

Thank God and the comedy gods for Kat. Our country needs more woman (yes she's biologically a female) like her who aren't afraid to stand their ground even when she's the butt of the joke. Case in point, many of zingers that Gutfeld hurls at her during his opening monologue were actually written by Timpf. Comedy is her religion! aaaaaaaatimpf1

'You Can't Joke About That' is a refreshing and candid look into the absurdity that is Kat Timpf. Is she counter-culture? Absolutely, because she believes we can laugh at ourselves and situations, which in today's society goes against the norm. Whether or not she believes woke is a joke, Timpf has no problem admitting we can joke about being woke, or anything else for that matter. As a parting shot she includes a nice PSA that we can all use.

Fans of Fox News or those not afraid to explore the mind of someone thinking outside the box will enjoy her first ever book. We need less cry rooms and more water cooler comedy! As an extra she includes a nice PSA that we can all use as a parting shot. For more on Timpf visit https://www.foxnews.com/person/t/kat-timpf. For the book visit https://www.harpercollins.com/products/you-cant-joke-about-that-kat-timpf?variant=40693052932130