Gullah-Geechie Grandmama Jefferson

Godfrey KHill the “Gullah Man” always talks about his grandmama. Godfrey says that family is one of the most powerful words ever, and it's important to know that in the Gullah-Geechie culture it’s an action word. To call someone family, you must treat them as your family. That’s one of the many lessons Godfrey has learned from his grandmama. You can find Grandmama Jefferson sitting on Vendue Range inside her tiny little hiding spot just in the front of Waterfront Park across from Harbor View.

Every day, you will find her quietly weaving the Sweetgrass baskets all around her. The ancient secrets of this culture have all but faded away, yet there are still a remnant that hold the true secrets of this ancient culture to heart. For many many years, she’s been sitting in the same little hiding spot working hard just to support her family, always giving honor to God (Yah) as she awaits the time when the power and glory are returned to her culture and her people. Then, she will be able to experience a new morning when the Son will return to keep his promise. When Godfrey was young, his grandmama would always point up to the sky and talk about the signs in the moon and the stars. Some of the signs she pointed out were the supermoon turning to blood and the Blackened Sun, signifying that this is the time of the Golden Pineapple. The time is now.

In the Gullah-Geechie culture, the Golden Pineapple represents a people waking up. The time of the revealing of the world's most sacred secrets.  Because some secrets are just too big to keep hidden forever.

Luke 8:10 says “And he said, Unto you it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God: but to others in parables; that seeing they might not see, and hearing they might not understand.”

Godfrey and Grandmama Jefferson noticed the sign that has been given for all the world to see but, are your eyes closed or do you have the eyes to see? Under the rays of the Blackened sun and Black moon and the powerful light of the sacred Blood moon, The Golden Pineapple has received its Light and its luster has returned.

If you are searching for a city to tour in order to gain a significant historical understanding, Charleston, SC is that city. Charleston has been the number one city in the country and the world for tourism time and time again. Charleston tourism gives you the best historical experience, but did you know that Charleston is known as “The city with the secret history?”  

Charleston’s most significant history, the true history of slavery, is almost completely kept hidden, and it’s hidden right in front of your eyes. Charleston is also known as the Holy City, and this Holy City certainly keeps its sacred secrets buried beneath the symbol X. Don’t they say that the X marks the spot?  Or perhaps the Cross? Godfrey can answer that question.  Godfrey can also show you the magic behind it all. The secrets behind it all. Gullah truth like you aine neva thought possible.


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