'My Magnolia Summer', Ideal and Delightful Summer Read

Debut Novel From Victoria Benton Frank Proof Storytelling Is In Her Bloodline

Jeff Walker Entertainment Book Review

In her debut novel 'My Magnolia Summer', Victoria Benton Frank offers up a pleasant read that weaves four generations of women and their allegiance to the Magic Lantern, the family's Sullivan's Island restaurant. Compelling storytelling must be in her blood as Frank is the daughter of late renowned low country author Dorothea Benton Frank. aaaaaaaamymagnoliainstory

Sisters Magnolia aka Maggie and Violet have taken different paths since high school and college, with Maggie chasing her dream of becoming a sought after chef in New York City. Violet on the other hand was content to stay behind, keeping tabs on Lily their addictive mother, all the while helping their grandmother Rose run the seaside eatery.

However, when Rose becomes hospitalized due to an accident, Maggie's return to Sullivan's Island becomes a mixed bag of unforeseen circumstances. Her initial plan was just to visit long enough to see everyone through their immediate issues, but a chance meeting with Sam, a local doctor and jack of all trades has her imagining there could be more.

And just how many setbacks can Lily endure, who much like Maggie longed to fly far from the nest. Will her daughters be able to finally set her on the right path. 'My Magnolia Summer' covers all the right bases. Frank's debut book is seasoned with lighthearted humor, a dash of romance, and a pinch of intrigue, all wrapped up in a family drama. But like many families are there secrets bubbling beneath the surface?

Frank writes from familiarity. A culinary school graduate, Frank plied her trade in NYC restaurants before finding her way back to her native Charleston with her chef husband and two kids in tow. Balancing career, family, the loss of her mother in 2019, and the epidemic caused Frank to labor over her first book seven years, but the end result is well worth it. aaaaaaaamymagnoliasummer1

Now that Victoria Benton Frank has found her writing groove I feel certain subsequent books in the series will flow rather quickly. 'My Magnolia Summer' is a spicy novel that will tug at her heart strings, and makes an ideal summer read by the pool, the Isle of Palms, or even on Sullivan's Island. For more on Frank and her debut release visit https://www.harpercollins.com/blogs/authors/victoria-benton-frank-50249