'The King of Late Night' Highly Entertaining Read

Fox News' Greg Gutfeld Opens Up Comically About His Rise To the Top of TV Ratings!

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

On a bad day he's pompous and egotistical. On a good day he's pompous, egotistical, irreverent, and self-deprecating. Those intuitive qualities along with his acerbic wit and badboy dinner guest charm have propelled Greg Gutfeld to the top of the entertainment mountain. His journey from class clown to magazine writer, and from The Five to Gutfeld! are all chronicled in his latest book 'The King of Late Night'aaaaaaaagutfeld5

Although he's in complete control, Gutfeld doesn't take himself too seriously. In over 225 pages Gutfeld outlines how his anti-Fox News persona has endeared him to millions of fans, and in true Gutfeld style admits he may have saved the network, as Fox has morphed into a much more cooler cable news channel. The very same reason why Kat Timpf and Tyrus are on Fox and no one knows where the hell Bill O'Reilly is.

Much like Kat's recent book, in 'The King of Late Night' Gutfeld offers up it's okay to laugh at everything. He admits by exposing every little detail of his working career he's managed to stay two steps ahead of TMZ, The View, and CNN. What makes Gutfeld real is he's okay making you the butt of a joke or being the butt of the joke.

Gutfeld is comfortable poking fun at Dana Perino, Jesse Waters, his evil twin brother Brian Kilmeade or anyone else sitting across the table from him. His schtick gained a cult following beginning with his early early morning (3am) 'Red Eye' weekend show to his prime time Saturday night spot. Fans followed him to 'The Five' or what he calls appointment dinnertime TV, much like 'Friends' was in the 90's without Ross. Oh wait Jesse is Ross, so maybe it's Rachel missing from the show. Sorry Dana.

Throughout his career Gutfeld has been the outsider. Admittedly he prefers to stay under the radar, which at his height is easy to do. At Fox News he's the square peg in a round hole. It's been a recipe for success and he's not willing to pollute the cake mix.

While media insiders were amazed his recent time slot at 11pm (now 10pm) won the ratings war, they failed to applaud him, mostly because it was a slap in the face to the 'three stooges' aka Kimmel, Fallon, and Colbert. Gutfeld puffs his chest a little proclaiming his brand and the 21st century political shift has flipped the industry. The old left is now the new right. Even Bill Maher agrees. Don't try to figure it out, but if you read 'The King of Late Night' Greg will lay it all out for you.

Even though their zingers and nightly monologues were stale and repetitive mocking then President Trump, Stephen and the two Jimmy's became stifled after Biden took office, with network execs keeping their hosts in check. However, while they were fixated on The Donald, Gutfeld in true Gutfled manner took occasional jabs at Trump and was able to up his game by ragging on Uncle Joe. Thanks Hunter. Who says hookers and crack pipes don't make interesting coffee table conversation.

Summarizing from 'The King of Late Night', Gutfeld stated the obvious, late night television had lost its edge. When Johnny Carson and David Letterman exited late night so did shoot from the hip and the oddball comedy they personified. Gone are 'The Mighty Carnac' and 'Stupid Pet Tricks'. Viewers are tired of listening to celebrities offer up scripted answers to their latest projects.

Similar to 'The Five' format, 'Gutfeld!' declared his show focuses on topical issues, crazy antics, and stupid people, with his panel ripe with fellow Fox News and Fox Business personalities as well as comedians, Kat, and Tyrus, all willing to interject whatever spontaneous commentary they decide fits the narrative.

Gutfeld's slow and steady TV domination during every stage of his career has naysayers asking the same old tired question. "How does this jackass always get away with it?" Simply know your audience and say unspeakable truths with a smile.

Why is there an exclamation point following the title to the show that bears his name? According to Webster's dictionary it's a distinctive indication of major significance, interest, or contrast. Gutfeld exemplifies all three! If you want to delve into the sick mind behind Greg Gutfeld, and discover in his own words, how this pint sized bully clawed his way to become 'The King of Late Night', without the help of Hollywood than I strongly recommend the book.

For more on the book or to purchase visit https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-King-of-Late-Night/Greg-Gutfeld/9781501190759