'The Puppeteers' a Revealing Look Behind The DC Curtain

Fox News' Jason Chaffetz Not Afraid to Let Readers Know Who's Really in Political Control

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Writer

Fox News contributor, and NY Times best selling author Jason Chaffetz returns with his fourth book 'The Puppeteers : The People Who Control the People Who Control America'. A former Utah congressman (2009-17) and past chair of the House Oversight Committee he's not been afraid to offer up controversy and stir the political pot through his writings, beginning with 2018's 'The Deep State: How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama and Is Working to Destroy the Trump Agenda'. 

In 'The Puppeteers' Chaffetz continues to pull back the curtain and let concerned readers know who is really running the show in Washington D.C. Having served as a member of the House for eight years, Chaffetz is well qualified to expose the liberal agenda taking place in our nation's capitol. In over 190 pages Chaffetz affirms (often with documentation) that while your elected officials may be the face of the 'A-team', it is the faceless 'B-team' pulling all the strings. aaaaaaaapuppeteers

Chaffetz asserts that many in congress and the senate are mere figureheads, and while they are beholden to their constituents, they are even more obligated to the movers and shakers in America. He admits PACs (political action committees), unions, big tech, and corporations have more pull in DC, than the politicians do. These institutions don't necessarily have the best interests of everyday America in mind, rather they are self-serving, fueled only to serve the power hungry, those in real control, and those hoping to pad their pockets (make money).

An exhaustive, yet informative and eye-opening read 'The Puppeteers' leaves no stone unturned, as Chaffetz tackles every issues facing everyday America. Undeterred in his continued pursuit to educate readers, Chaffetz reveals the hidden agendas behind those controlling education, national security, and social justice, often using the guise of equity, inclusion, climate change, and social injustice as their talking points.

'The Puppeteers' opening chapter 'America's New Social Credit System' is rather alarming, comparing our country's individual self trustworthiness to a point system, much like communist run China. Chaffetz further asserts that ESG (environmental, social & governance) programs while positive in theory, actually bring about negativity in the hands of corrupt.

Is America becoming more like the socialist and communist democracies around the world? Will everything you say and do, and how you spend your hard earned money be monitored or even worse ruled by those in control. If so called 'big government' is left to the hands of the puppet masters (the persuasive B-team) it very well could lean that way! aaaaaaaapuppeteers4

Chaffetz is not trying to offer up scare tactics, just factual information. He does close out his book with ways to push back the puppeteers, beginning with returning policy back to state and local governments, as well as by providing the truth and that concerned Americans can and should fight back. Let your voice be heard!

'The Puppeteers : The People Who Control the People Who Control America' is a comprehensive and detailed read, but well worth the time, especially for those who care about the direction of the United States of America. Jason Chaffetz doesn't spend his downtime penning books meant to entertain the masses, quite the opposite he offers up books designed to inform readers what really takes place behind the hallowed halls of Washington DC. Buckle up readers because you're in for a bumpy ride!