Dalila's Brings Cuban Kitchen Vibes to Spring Street


Slow roasted pork, rum and fresh fruit are the cornerstones of any Cuban kitchen and key ingredients in a new bar from a couple of holy city new-comers.

Owners Timur and Michael hail from the West coast and have opened Dalila’s on Spring Street.

 They love the food and culture of Charleston and find it’s not all that different from Lost Angeles.

Inspired by “Cheers,” they are hoping Delila’s becomes neighborhood bar. They’ve partnered with Spanglish Cuban Kitchen to add a couple food items to their menu.

There’s a traditional Cuban sandwich made with slow roasted pork.

Looking for something you can’t find anywhere else? Try their twist on Elvis’s favorite sandwich- sweet plantains, peanut butter and crumbled bacon on fresh Cuban bread.

Dalila’s is located on Spring street between Meeting and King.

They open Tuesday through Saturday at 2 p.m.


Written by Emily Gracey on behalf of ABC News 4
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