Charleston, SC – The votes have been counted and it’s officially time to reveal the winning design for the 47th Cooper River Bridge Run, presented by Harris Teeter, held on April 6, 2024.

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – Roper St. Francis Healthcare is taking a bold step forward as it expands its COVID-19 vaccination efforts to the public by implementing drive-thru vaccinations in the parking lot of the North Charleston Coliseum starting Wednesday.

"'It’s kind of spooky quiet... it’s eerie,' [Eli] Hyman [of Hyman's Seafood] said. 'Because normally these streets would be bustling in the fall. It’s beautiful weather.' Like most places across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the city hard. Robert Smith is the owner of a local marketing company called The Chart Group. 'It almost was like overnight,' Smith said. 'First we heard about this virus overseas, and next thing you know we’re shutting our city down.' Considering the Chart Group offers video production and content creation for Charleston businesses, Smith depends on a thriving tourism industry. As everything shut down, his clients could no longer pay for his services. He too had to furlough employees. 'Tourism within the last 30 or 40 years has become a major component,' Trouche said. 'It’s multi-millions of dollars in revenue for the city and for businesses and so it is a big player economically in Charleston.' Some businesses have closed forever and those that have survived had to let go of staff."

 By Elizabeth Ruiz, WTKR News 3 , Coastal VA and Northeast NC

The guidelines detailed in this plan are driven by three major considerations: safety, gradual and phasing in. We respectfully submit this balanced and strategic approach using best practices is the optimal approach for the state – our fellow citizens and our guests.

Full opening of hotels and Event Venues will need to allow lead time for staff to be rehired and trained, the food supply chain to be fully and normally operational, safety measures to be implemented, including providing ample time for operators to get the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and do a deep re-clean and sanitization of the entire facility using the CDC-recommended guidelines during COVID-19 to keep staff and guests safe.

South Carolina is committed to following the protocols established by Governor McMaster regarding safe social distancing and this heightened awareness of public safety. South Carolina’s hospitality industry is waiting for the return of its guests and, in the meantime, we are preparing for the reopening by suggesting doing the following things to welcome customers...

New year, new laws… and 2020 ushers in a couple big changes, including a smoking ban on the beach itself.

January 1 is often when new laws take effect, and this time around it’s especially true on the Isle of Palms.

Hopefully these new regulations will lead to our beloved beach being an even healthier, cleaner place and will help protect the marine life just off our shore.

Sweet Dreams, Full Plates has helped connect the hospitality industry, guests, local businesses and community in one simple transaction with one straightforward goal—to fill the plates of people in Western North Carolina who are facing an empty plate.

By Emily Gracey on behalf of ABC News 4

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — Slow roasted pork, rum and fresh fruit are the cornerstones of any Cuban kitchen and key ingredients in a new bar from a couple of holy city new-comers.

Owners Timur and Michael hail from the West coast and have opened Dalila’s on Spring Street.

By Emily Gracey on behalf of ABC News 4

Walking down Meeting Street, you may just miss it. Doar Brothers is tucked into a small space but is packed with big flavors.

Owner and Chef Jonathan Doar started his culinary training right here in Charleston; across the street at the Peninsula Grill.

From there, he made stops in New York, Italy and Seattle before returning to the Holy City to create his own menu, which has been influenced by each stop of his journey.