Plea for Platelet Donations at The Blood Connection Donation Center

The Blood Connection is in need of platelet donations at their Core Road Donation Center in North Charleston.

5870 Core Road
North Charleston, SC 29406

Weekdays 7am-5pm
Weekends 7am-3pm

Platelet Donation is when only platelets (small cell fragments in the blood that helps stop or prevent bleeding) are collected, and the other components are given back. 

  • You can donate every 7 days
  • This donation takes 2.5 hours
  • Available to donate at centers

For other types of donations, please visit

There will also be a new rewards program for platelet donors -- a tiered points system based on the number of donations in a year.

BRONZE: 0-6 donations per year, 500 points per donation

SILVER: 7-12 donations per year, 625 points per donation

GOLD: 13-18 donations per year, 750 points per donation

PLATINUM: 19-24 donations per year, 1,000 points per donation

These point values are what the donor will receive for each platelet donation until your status changes. When a platelet donor comes in to donate, you will automatically receive 500 points. The following day is when you will receive any additional points based on your status

TBC Rewards points can be redeemed for gift cards for various retailers. To learn more about Platelet Plus, visit For more information on redeeming TBC Reward Points, click here:

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