Tips for Before and After Wax from Magnolia Beauty House

 What to do to prepare yourself for waxing:

The question normally asked by clients is, “what do I need to do before coming to get a wax?” In this article I’m going to tell you a few ways to get the best results out of your waxing appointments.

First, you must make sure you have at least two weeks of hair growth. I always suggest at minimum two weeks of hair growth because that will allow more growth cycles to be removed and will cut down on the pain of the hair removal process. This also gives the esthetician a better chance of removing all the hair.

Next, exfoliation…. Exfoliating is a must before you wax! When you exfoliate, it removes all the dead skin on your body. This brings any underlying hair that is under the dead skin to the surface. You should exfoliate the area you are getting waxed a day or two before your appointment. I always suggest using scrub gloves in the shower. (They can be purchased at your local Target or Walmart.)  

Last tip I have is making sure your skin is properly moisturized. If the skin is not properly moisturized before you get waxed, it could potentially cause tearing or removal of a thin layer of skin. OUCH! Any body lotion will work great! I suggest adding it to your nightly routine the night before your appointment. 


The days after waxing…

Now that you have had your waxing appointment, what do you do? First, enjoy your smooth skin that will remain hairless for a month!

Here are a few things that you should do the week after getting waxed. Like I said before, exfoliation is so important before and after waxing. I cannot push exfoliation enough! Two days after being waxed, use any kind of scrubbing gloves to exfoliate the area very well. You should be exfoliating at least once a week already to keep the skin healthy and shiny! After you have exfoliated, moisturize your skin thoroughly. By following this home care regimen, you will achieve the best results from your waxing appointment.

Now that I have given my tips on how to get the best results out of waxing, I hope to see you soon at Magnolia Beauty House!!

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