What is Brow Tinting?

We all see these girls that have the “perfect” brows.. like, how??

They are most likely getting these results through brow tinting. Brow tinting is exactly what it says: tinting of the eyebrows to make them darker and more visible. When getting a brow tint, the esthetician will start out by waxing the brow to get a definite shape. After the waxing, is done the tint is placed on the brow hairs. In order to make it look natural, the color of the tint will be one shade darker than the hair on your head. The tinting process can take up to 10 mins.

The tint is removed with water, and then you have the microbladed look! The tint lasts for 2-4 weeks with the proper care. To get the maximum results, avoid using any cleansers or makeup removers with oil in them.

For brow tinting, lash lifts, waxing, and more, visit us at Magnolia Beauty House!

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Deadwin at The Barrel

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