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5 Reasons to Cruise on a Pedal Pub in Charleston - Saltwater Cycle Boat Tour


Charleston is known as the Holy City, but it’s also the Holy Mecca of outdoor activities, delicious restaurants, and of course- boats. Choosing the right itinerary may seem daunting, but fear not, we have you covered!

Charleston boat tours are the perfect way to see the gorgeous city from a different perspective while sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying a beverage (or two). Without the hustle and bustle of Downtown, your group can enjoy the open ocean views on either a private tour or public tour with a few new friends! There are a handful of ways to view Charleston from the water, but nothing quite compares to the way Saltwater Cycle does cruising.

Here are 5 reasons you should float, pedal, and party with the only pedal pub in the Lowcountry:

Cruise with the Saltwater Cycle crew and experience the Charleston waterways with a fun spin (pun intended). While Charleston is known for its bar scene, this boat is a floating bar!

There is truly nothing better than enjoying the open air, listening to your favorite tunes, and sipping your favorite drink. Plus, when was the last time you played a drinking game and saw a dolphin at the same time? *mic drop*

When exploring Charleston, make sure your activities are unforgettable! Cruising on a Saltwater Cycle tour is a unique, given it is the only cycle pub in the city.

Walking and carriage tours are great, but a Saltwater Cycle boat tour will leave you with memories of spontaneous dance parties, drinking socials, and belly laughs for years to come!

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3. MULTITASK: Get a workout in (if you’re into that sorta thing)
The Saltwater Cycle boat is powered by you - the peddler. Okay, and solar power, too! With 10 bicycle seats and pedals, your cycling powers the entire boat. If you are the type of person who loves infusing physical activity with fun, Saltwater Cycle is the perfect experience for you. The boat is a sneaky way to burn calories and consume them at the same time!

On the flip side, if you’re the type of person who prefers to chill out and enjoy the sunshine you’re covered! There is plenty of space at the front of the boat to lounge while the rest of the group does the work. No judgement. (PSA for both types of people: There’s a backup motor so no pressure).

Pro tip: You don’t have to spend a fortune on pricey drinks! Save the cash for a local restaurant or shopping on King Street. Saltwater Cycle is a “bring your own booze” trip. Bring your favorite drinks and place them in the fully insulated bar down the middle of the boat.

BYOS is another accepted acronym on the boat: Bring Your Own Snacks. Feel free to bring your favorite snacks for when the munchies kick start.

5. LOCALLY OWNED: The Southern Hospitality is real y’all!
The crew will Southern Charm your pants off. You’ll experience the welcoming hospitality our city is famous for. From initial booking to the Captain and crew on board, the number one goal is to make you feel welcome. Looking for a recommendation for dinner or dancing? Just ask! Have a favorite song or drinking game? Let the crew know!

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See it all on our Charleston boat tour

For hundreds of years, Charlestonians have lived, sailed, and loved the ocean. The water is a huge part of the culture at Saltwater Cycle, it’s what they love to share. They frequently remove trash and debris from our waterways to ensure economic cleanliness.

Charleston may be a small city, but there are endless places to explore. Many times, visitors become fixated on the Insta-worthy spots that they actually forget to experience one of the main attractions the city boasts - the view of the city from the water! 

It is great to visit historic downtown spots, but we guarantee you will never regret carving out time to enjoy the real Lowcountry. When you take a Charleston boat tour, you are enjoying one of the most authentic activities in Charleston. Plus, we are super Insta-worthy as well.

Grab your Charleston itinerary and with the best pedal pub on the water.

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