Best Charleston Suburbs to Move to This Year

If you're planning to move to Charleston, the first step would be deciding which neighborhood to go to. Stunning beaches, great weather, and plenty of things to do for all ages are just some of the things that make Charleston one of the best cities that the South has to offer. If you are considering moving to Charleston, it can be hard to decide which neighborhood to move to. We hope that this list of the best Charleston suburbs to move to will help you make the right decision.


Charleston is known for its immense beauty and rich history. It's located in South Carolina, and here you'll find everything from cobblestone streets to buildings dating as far back as the Revolutionary War. Of course, the fact that it is such a historic city does not mean it is outdated. Charleston is a thriving modern city that has seen more and more development in recent years. You can find everything from modern art museums and the South Carolina Aquarium to a busy downtown area full of restaurants and shops. Since the economy has been evolving rapidly lately, there have been more and more residents. What follows is the development of many great suburban neighborhoods where most newcomers prefer living.




If you're moving with kids, you should consider Summerville. A lot of families who are new to the area have been drawn to the peaceful, old-fashioned charm of Summerville. It is currently considered one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Charleston. The population of Summerville has seen radical growth over the past several decades. This can mainly be attributed to three things: 


  1. great focus on accessibility development, 
  2. the excellent public education system, 
  3. industrial variety. 


Parents love the area because it ensures their children enjoy good education from reputable institutions. Summerville Elementary School, Alston Middle School, and Summerville High School are the most popular ones. When moving with kids, it's essential to help your little ones adapt to the new area and find friends more quickly, and moving to a suburb with plenty of schools is a great idea. An excellent place to find activities for your family to enjoy is the Summerville Historic District. Also, you can enjoy numerous local parks by taking your kids there, going for a morning jog, or having a romantic picnic date with your partner. You can also follow the various community events and festivals to meet new people.


Folly Beach

Folly Beach is one of the best Charleston suburbs to move to if you are looking for beach living.

Next on our list of the best Charleston suburbs to move to is the peaceful beachfront town of Folly Beach. Its warm, salty air and various entertainment options make it the perfect place for young adults and senior retirees. Folly Beach is best known for a couple of things it offers: 


  • paradise mentality, 
  • great surf opportunities, 
  • the pier, 
  • the friendly community. 


The various visitors and tourists bring a vibrant summer feel to an otherwise laid-back beach town during the summer. Another thing that contributes to this town's attractiveness is that it offers a more affordable option for beachfront property in the area. The average home price is around $560K. While the restaurant and bar options are not strictly limited, it could still be a good idea to visit downtown Charleston from time to time and change up the routine. The nightlife can be weak, especially on weekdays, but Folly Beach still has a few good options for the locals.


Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant is one of the most popular suburban neighborhoods in Charleston. You will also hear many people call this one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Charleston. It is a bustling, active neighborhood with endless food, entertainment, and outdoor activity options. It offers several smaller suburban communities close to shops, supermarkets, and pharmacies, which are well known for their safety. Some of the most popular attractions in the area are:


  • The Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum,
  • the outstanding farmers market,
  • the many wonderful waterfront restaurants and pubs,
  • Shem Creek Park.


A big part of the town is separated into two areas by Shem Creek. Shem Creek Park is a fantastic place to go if you are a fishing enthusiast. But, even if you are not a fan of fishing, it's still an excellent place for leisurely walks. Several prestigious institutions are located in this area. The most notable are Moultrie Middle School and Mount Pleasant Academy. Mount Pleasant Academy is also recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School. As for housing options, you will discover cheap housing alternatives here. From single-family houses and seaside townhomes to quaint cottages.


Stiles Point


Stiles Point has experienced considerable development over the last couple of years, making it a good choice for people looking for new builds and modern townhomes. Another excellent benefit of moving to a home in Stiles Point is that it is tucked into James Island, and therefore many homes on the banks of the Cooper River have gorgeous marsh and harbor views. The neighborhood is situated in a great location. It is just 13 minutes away from Downtown Charleston, 15 minutes away from Folly Beach, and offers quick access to schools. Stiles Point Elementary School and James Island Charter High School are the most popular choices.

Stiles point offers many wonderful options for outdoor family fun.

Stiles point provides several popular options for outdoor activities. Be sure to make use of Harborview/Ft. Johnson Park is well known as one of the best public parks in Charleston. You can go for a walk down the beautiful trails or let your kids run free at the playground. At Melton Peter Demetre Park you can either go hiking or utilize the public boat dock for a day of fishing. The local bistro Edison James Island is a popular choice for brunch with its expansive wine list, incredible desserts, and delicious brunch food. With its central location, laid-back culture, and variety of activities, Stiles Point is easily one of the best Charleston suburbs to move to.


West Ashley


West Ashley is popularly considered to be a very scenic place to live. This is primarily because of the number of architectural remnants from the neighborhood's Colonial American roots and abundant green space. The more modern additions, like the huge Citadel Mall, make it easier for residents to eat, find entertainment, and shop without leaving the suburb. 


West Ashley is located on its peninsula and connects to the rest of the city through several bridges. The excellent connection to multiple other parts of Charleston makes it an ideal place to live for commuters. If you do decide on West Ashley as the neighborhood for you, experts from Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia recommend that you do some research in preparation for the move since the location can make transporting your things a bit trickier. The well-preserved pieces of American history, including settler artifacts and a 17th-century sailing ship replica, which are kept at Charleston Town Landing State Historical Site, are lovely to visit. Another popular choice for recreation is visiting The Animal Forest to see bears, pumas, and bison up close.

A great thing to do in the West Ashley area is to take a walk next to the Ashley River.

Take some time to choose the right Charleston suburbs to move to


Charleston is a great city with many safe and affordable neighborhoods, which offer different attractions, housing options, job opportunities, and location benefits, so choosing the best Charleston suburbs to move to, which will suit your needs, is a delicate process. A great idea would be to get in touch with a good local real estate agent who knows the area well enough to give you recommendations. But, as long as you make sure not to rush it and take your time, you will make the right choice. - featured image - picture 1 - picture 2 - picture 3