Curb Appeal Tips For Your Charleston Home

If you have just moved into the city or are a current resident looking to pretty up your property for whatever reason, it is impossible to skip the importance of curb appeal! It is the very first thing visitors, neighbors, and even prospective house buyers see when they approach your home. We have prepared some curb appeal tips for your Charleston home to ensure you have the prettiest house possible!

Add some fancy lighting

Once you get to know Charleston a bit better, you will learn just how popular outdoor lighting is! So, an easy way to increase your curb appeal is to add some interesting lights to the exterior of your home. And they are not strictly just a fanciful decoration, either! Motion-sensor lights, for example, have plenty of utility since they allow you to make your way home when you are late from work without having to fumble with light switches. So, why not let your imagination get the better of you and get the best outdoor lighting you can?

Keep your façade in top condition

The front of your home creates that important first impression. There's plenty of attractive architectural styles in Charleston, so it doesn't matter which one your home belongs to. And there is no need to go out of your way to update your façade if it is still in good condition. You do, however, want to make sure it is clean and free of any plant growth! Pressure washing can be a good way to ensure this, though you might want to get professional cleaners involved if you are unsure how to properly get that done.

A plan façade can still look very pretty!


Use tasteful seasonal decorations

Temperance is key when trying to boost the curb appeal of your Charleston home through seasonal decoration. You do not want to throw a bunch of stuff onto your home and call it a day. Instead, approach the task as a challenge: decorate while limiting the number of ornaments to something reasonable and tasteful. As a bonus, this is excellent if you have just gone through organizing an interstate move to Charleston and are still getting your feet under you. You'll be able to make your home stand out without too much work and effort! And both the process and final result will help you integrate faster with your neighbors.

Pretty up your front door

The appearance of your front door is an integral part of your home's curb appeal in Charleston. You will see all sorts of decorations and front door colors while strolling through the city. After all, your front door is the very first thing your visitors are going to notice about your home. So, go ahead and pick a color you like. Just remember that painting a front door can be difficult if you don't know how to choose the best kind of paint! Similarly, leaving wreaths on your door is a lovely, subtle touch. The best thing about them is that they can be completely customized to the time of the year!

A unique front door can make a great first impression.


Pay attention to landscaping

Landscaping is also an essential part of increasing your home's exterior appeal. If you don't want to take care of plants, make sure your grass is tidy and trimmed at all times. However, if you have a green thumb, this is a city that will appreciate it if you go wild! Flower gardens are always admired in Charleston. Of course, if your yard allows it, you can also make a cozy little outdoor area to spend time in. Keeping to warm and natural colors for any furniture you put out there is probably the best way to go. That way, it can complement your gardening efforts and fit right in!

Brighten up your porch 

Of course, you should not leave out your porch while working on curb appeal. Here, once again, the answer is flowers! You can put some potted plants out for your neighbors to admire. Similarly, you can put flower baskets under your windowsills to liven up your home even more! If you do, make sure to pay special attention to water run-off and unwanted plant growth. You do not want smudges on the façade of your home.

Flower baskets can add a much-needed splash of color!


Fancy up your driveway

A great way to make your home stand out and increase its curb appeal is by redoing your driveway. It is a minor renovation that would allow you to replace the dull concrete with something more unique. Note, though, that the moving experts associated with the database warn you should not start such a project before settling in. Otherwise, you can make moving in a lot more difficult by increasing the distance your furniture and items would need to be carried. The traditional choices for a driveway would be gravel, cobblestone, and brick. All of which work well in the area both visually and functionally.

Make use of window shutters

Finally, if you take a look around the Charleston areas, you will find that plenty of homeowners use window shutters as a way to give their property a personal touch. The nice thing about shutters is that they are both functional and pretty! You can change their design and make them as simple or as fancy as you want. 

Advice to ponder

Now that you are familiar with our curb appeal tips for your Charleston home, you are ready to decorate! Just remember that, in the end, what is most important is whether or not you like what you do with your home. Never give up on a home makeover project just because you are afraid others won't like it!


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