Fun Things To Do After Moving To Charleston

Go to the Sullivan's Island Beach 

Once you have unpacked your bags and settled in one of the coolest neighborhoods in Charleston, why not go to the beach? After days of working and stressing out, going to the beach is a perfect way to relax and unwind! Luckily for you, Charleston has many beaches to offer as its shoreline is quite vast. But, we recommend checking out Sullivan's Island Beach. Everyone, both locals and tourists, loves this beach. And why, you ask? The answer is simple - beautiful sand, peaceful waves, cleanliness, and wideness. Moreover, as you come near the beach, the natural pathways through vegetation will lead you right to the crystal clear water and many gingerbread houses on the sand. Seeing all of this will surely make you feel as if you were stepping back in time. 

If you were looking for some fun things to do after moving to Charleston, Sullivan's Island Beach is a must! Alt.tag: A beach, one of the fun things to do after moving to Charleston. 

Check Out the King Street 

It seems as if King Street is on everybody's wish list after moving to Charleston. Well, who can blame them - this street is a walker's paradise for two reasons. Firstly, while walking through this mesmerizing street which is a combination of old and new, you can find pretty much anything. From antique shops, blingy jewelers, and authentic clothing stores all the way to the exclusive restaurants and coffee shops. Whatever you want to buy, and whatever you want to eat, King Street has got you covered! And, secondly, this street is close by, no matter where you are in Charleston. So, if you have relocated to South Carolina and are currently without a car because you are waiting to have your vehicle transferred trouble-free from your hometown to Charleston, use that time to walk to King Street and check out everything it has to offer. 

Go for a Cocktail in the Citrus Club 

If you want a 360-degree view of Charleston while being luxuriously pampered, check out the Citrus Club! It is located on the Dewberry Hotel rooftop, but worry not because you do not have to be a guest there to enter. All you have to do is let the concierge know that you are here, and he will give you an elevator key. Once you get out of the elevator, you will see the most mesmerizing rooftop venue, meet the most hospitable hosts, and try the most delicious cocktails and salads. All of this will show you why Charleston is one of the best cities to live in in South Carolina. And, remember, this fancy place can be visited by adults only! Thus, you must be of age if you want to try the Citrus Club's fanciful cocktails. 

Citrus Club has million-dollar drinks and million-dollar views. 

Visit the Kiawah Island Golf Resort 

As previously mentioned, Charleston's and South Carolina's economy is booming! There are plenty of job openings and excellent salaries for both the locals and the newcomers. So, moving for work is the number one reason why so many people come here. And, this was probably your reason for moving too! But, settling down here because of your career does not mean that all you have to do is work. Use your time smartly. If you want to combine fun and relaxation in just one day or one weekend, visit the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. It offers the perfect combination of activities for those looking for pampering and those looking for adrenaline. Here, you can try horseback riding, kayaking, tennis, world-class golf, and of course, fine dining and massages. But, whether you are coming here alone, with your family, or with your large group of friends, do not forget to make reservations! 

Looking for a fun weekend in Charleston - Kiawah Island Golf Resort is the place to go. 

Charleston Museum is a Must! 

Do not forget to put the Charleston Museum on your list of the best things to do in Charleston after moving too! Tourists have always visited this museum. But, surprisingly, most locals are just discovering it. And, since you are a relatively new local, find a friend who has not been to Charleston Museum yet and start exploring. Be sure that there is nothing old-school about this museum.  It is not crowded with dusty items like some of the museums you may have in mind. Here, you will be able to experience a modern structure building filled with the most interesting things - a hanging whale, for example. Naturalistic features are not the only ones placed in this two-story building, but also some fantastic historical collections. These historical collections and stories they share will, once again, show you why Charleston is one of the places to call home.

As you can see, there are many fun things to do after moving to Charleston. Your job is only to come here, settle in, and start exploring.