Fun Ways to Cool Off in Charleston, SC This Summer

Charleston, South Carolina, affectionately known as the Holy City, is renowned for its Southern charm, historical richness, and striking landscapes. But it's also famous for its scorching summer heat that could send anyone looking for relief. During this time, the city transforms into a sun-soaked haven with soaring temperatures that match its high-energy vibe. While the radiant sun is a delightful part of the city's allure, it also sparks an undeniable need to find unique and fun ways to cool off in Charleston, SC. So, if you're planning a summer escapade in this gorgeous city, prepare to dive into a world of refreshing experiences beyond a simple dip in the pool.

Venturing into Waterfront Park

Nestled along the Cooper River's banks, the Waterfront Park is a peaceful urban oasis amidst Charleston's vibrant landscape. This well-loved spot is steeped in history, graced with well-manicured green spaces, and embraced by a gentle sea breeze that makes the summer heat more bearable. As you wander the park, you'll likely find families frolicking in the famous Pineapple Fountain's cooling waters. There will also be a lot of friends lounging under the shady trees. And if you've come prepared with a blanket and basket, you'll quickly realize why Waterfront Park is considered one of the best places in the city for a picnic. Enjoy the beautiful views and the laid-back atmosphere, and escape the heat in Charleston's favorite park as the sun shines brightly overhead.

Embrace the Ocean at Folly Beach

Just a few minutes from downtown, Folly Beach is a paradise for relaxation and water sports enthusiasts. With opportunities for surfing, paddle boarding, or simply lounging by the waves, it offers a perfect balance of adventure and tranquility. It’s essentially one of the first locations you will visit if you relocate to the Holy City during the hot summer days. But bear in mind that moving in hot weather, especially in the sweltering Charleston summer, can be challenging for beginners. It's hard to stay hydrated and take necessary precautions while relocating. So, why not take a break from the move and cool off in Charleston, SC, under the shade of umbrellas or beach tents, letting the soothing sounds of the ocean refresh your spirit?

Spending a day at Folly Beach with a high temperature is a great way to cool off in Charleston, SC.


Kayaking in Shem Creek is a Great Way to Cool Off in Charleston, SC

Shem Creek, situated in Mount Pleasant, a short distance from downtown, is a water lover’s dream. It's the kind of place that reminds you why Charleston, SC is such a great place to live. With the creek's calm waters offering an ideal condition for kayaking and paddleboarding, it's a refreshing respite from the city's hustle and bustle. Feel the cool water splash against your hands as you paddle through the creek. Along the way, you’ll be spotting wildlife and enjoying the quintessential scenic beauty in Charleston. The variety of experiences Shem Creek offers - from water sports to waterfront dining - embodies this city's dynamic spirit of summer.

Shem Creek is another great location to visit if you want to have fun in the sun and stay fresh.


Chilling at Carolina Ice Palace

In the heart of North Charleston lies an unexpected but delightful summer retreat, the Carolina Ice Palace. It's a place where the chilly air provides a refreshing contrast to the sun's scorching rays. If you are planning a move to this city, consider a piece of advice from a moving expert from  explore all a city you’ll relocate to has to offer so you’ll know what you need with you and what you can discard. As you can see, your old ice skates might be useful even during these hot summer days, so don’t get rid of them just yet. At Carolina Ice Palace, you can glide across the ice, participate in fun activities, and forget about the summer heat, if only for a few hours. All ages are welcome, making it a fantastic family outing during those hotter-than-hot summer days. 

Experience Charleston Harbor Tours

A visit to this marvelous city isn't complete without a refreshing voyage across its glittering harbor. As the sun shines, the breezy boat tours offer an appealing way to escape the summer heat while providing stunning views of the city's historic skyline. Choose from various tours with unique perspectives and narratives, promising an enlightening journey through Charleston's maritime history. And if you're seeking to bypass the heat at its peak, sunset tours are ideal. As the sun descends, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink, the air cools, creating a perfect backdrop to a memorable evening. So, board a boat, breathe in the salty air, and let the harbor's cool winds carry your summer day worries away.

Visiting the South Carolina Aquarium

For those seeking both a cool and educational experience, the South Carolina Aquarium is an excellent choice. Hosting an array of aquatic exhibits, from native species to exotic sea creatures, it's a fascinating dive into the natural world. Besides offering an incredible marine display, the indoor nature of the aquarium offers a fantastic way to hide from the sun in the Holy City. It's a place where you can marvel at the diversity of marine life, learn about conservation efforts, and enjoy a reprieve from the summer heat, all under one roof.

Indulge in Charleston's Frozen Treats

The culinary scene here doesn't disappoint when it comes to helping you cool off. The city is peppered with a delightful array of ice cream parlors and popsicle stands, each offering a unique take on these classic summer treats, from artisan gelato to traditional Southern-style ice cream and handcrafted popsicles. There's something for every taste. Nothing quite compares to the simple joy of strolling through Charleston's charming streets, a refreshing frozen treat in hand to combat the summer heat. These moments of sweet relief make summers in this place both memorable and enjoyable.

There is a wide variety of refreshing ice creams around the city for you to choose from.



After a summer day exploring this city’s breathtaking beauty, there's nothing more satisfying than finding unique ways to escape the heat. Whether you're splashing around in the Waterfront Park fountains, savoring a sunset harbor tour, or indulging in a local frozen treat, you’ll love it, as those are perfect ways to cool off in Charleston, SC. So, don't let the sun limit your adventures. Embrace the warmth, explore these cool spots, and make your summer unforgettable. Because, in this city, beating the heat isn't just about staying cool - it's about making memories that last long after the summer sun has set.




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