Sea Island Builders' Bathroom Renovations in Charleston


At Sea Island Builders, we often have potential clients ask us what kind of process we go through for bathroom renovations in Charleston and the surrounding area. We understand that it’s important for these potential clients to have a sense of how long the project will take, what they can expect of their custom remodelers, and what the completed project will look like, which is why we’ve put together this guide to the Sea Island Builders bathroom renovation process and included examples of our previous work.

Every bathroom renovation project is different, but we strive to apply the same philosophy of collaborative work to all our projects. We start by placing special emphasis on building the team as early as possible so that we can be sure that each team member will be a good fit for the project and will play an integral role in helping the homeowner achieve their goals.

The next thing we do is to work with our clients to select all the materials—including countertops, hardwoods, tiles, and paint colors—to be used in the bathroom renovation. While some custom home builders take a “figure it out in the field” approach, we like deciding on these materials early so that we can fully develop plans and provide specs before we ever begin construction. This helps us eliminate as many errors in the field as possible, minimizing the amount of “rework” that needs to be done to achieve the end result and allowing us to complete the project in a reasonable amount of time.

Another step that is very important to us is figuring out how everything will fit together in the big picture, rather than just looking at individual elements of the bathroom. For example, if a client asks us to install wall-mounted faucets, we will need to determine the height of the cabinetry, the height of the sink bowl, and the thickness of the countertops prior to roughing in the water lines, or else risk having client displeasure with the height of the filler. If a client asks us to add new bathroom cabinets, we’ll also have to think about the electrical rough, in addition to the dimensions of the new cabinets, to ensure that all lighting needs are met (we may need to add sconces to illuminate a medicine cabinet, for instance). These are the kinds of things that can’t just be figured out in the field, but require careful planning and close collaboration with all team members.



 sea island builders blog bathroom 05


Sea Island Builders worked with the owners of a Wild Dunes home to give their master bath a modern and elegant appearance. The floor is natural marble, and the walls are covered in porcelain tile, with a glass tile mosaic in the niche behind the Victoria Albert tub. The drywall ceilings above the tile were plastered entirely with American Clay.


sea island builders blog bathroom 02


The shower is curbless, which allows for easy access and adds to the bathroom’s modern feel. We mounted the chandelier light fixture in a dome to draw the eye and give the bathroom a unique focal point. We also added pocket doors to create a division between the shower area, the vanity areas, and the his-and-her water closets. The clients couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.



sea island builders blog bathroom 03


For this smaller Waterway residence bathroom, we added walnut floors to give the space a rich color and a comfortable feel. We used American Clay troweled-on finish for the walls and three centimeter thick travertine for the countertops. The wash basin was carefully selected to match the countertops, and the faucet and light fixtures add to the bathroom’s vintage charm.


sea island builders blog bathroom 04


This larger Waterway bathroom also contains travertine countertops, but with a bullnose edge and a much different overall outcome. The colors and lighting selected for this room give it a much warmer appearance.



If you’d like to learn more about the Sea Island Builders bathroom renovation process and other projects that we’ve worked on, don’t hesitate to contact us. We always enjoy helping clients transform their homes.