Charming Places to Eat Brunch in Charleston, SC

Cruising for the best imaginable brunch hotspots in Charleston? Pull up a chair. You've come to the right place. Whatever your taste, be it your mama's signature kitchen or top-notch fine dining – Charleston is there to deliver. Flawless victory style. This superb port gem has plenty to offer and does so selflessly. The unique aesthetic coordinate is opulent in more than just preserved antebellum architecture, horse-drawn carriages, and cobblestone streets; the South Carolina coastal jewel, in fact, thrives on worshiping its land and all its refined natural splendor. And the good people of Charleston know exactly how to put it to good use – fresh grain to blue crabs. Lowcountry style is how we do it. Without much further ado, let's talk best places to eat brunch in Charleston (followed by the best cycling routes in town; don't worry, we got you).

South grandeur

The fever-imposing evolution of global gastronomy has somehow bypassed the quaint Southern city. True to its roots (influences from West Indies, West Africa, and Europe), the stand proud and tall, autonomous, original flavor of Charleston lives to live on. – and we approve. Although considered a bad connotation in today's system of values, tradition (and its irrefutable presence) still have a say in South Carolina's cuisine, all thanks to well-kept and passed-on local recipes of the enslaved people of Africa. The organic fusion of clashing geographic coordinates (colonial trade was strong back in the day, so spices were available) is what we now proudly call authentic Charleston cuisine. Local ingredients still remain prevalent in the area; crabs, grits, oysters, rice, and okra. Needless to say, seafood is an absolute must when you're strolling down south. And it's bed and breakfast hunting included. Oysters and cocktails. That's all you'll ever need.

Butcher & Bee

Butcher & Bee presents a rotating brunch menu. The downtown hotspot is by far one of the hippest brunch coordinates in Charleston; a simple must-visit. Although usually busy, you can always call to reserve a seat on their gorgeous patio, or – if you're more of an action/thrill-oriented soul, you can easily opt for a seat at the chef's counter and attend an impromptu alchemy class. The closest one gets to a hands-on experience in a restaurant; watch, learn, and enjoy. Bonus tip: if you're feeling bold (that particular day, not necessarily in general), order from Chef's menu – they will pick something for you. Tastebud roulette? Why not? Hit me. One thing is for sure: the food prepared is 10/10 delicious and fresh. Furthermore, be sure to try the feta dip and bacon-wrapped dates.

Jackrabbit Filly

Check out the reviews if you don't trust professional judgment; they are spot on. Jackrabbit Filly is rushing up the brunch scene ladder of Charleston as we speak. Why? Is it because of chef Shuai Wang's dim sum? – It very well could be. The rising star of the South offers out-of-this-world brunch plates, served family-style. Modern decor, a laidback ambiance + exceptional service. What more can one ask for, really? Moving experts from Maximus Moving & Delivery share: "Charleston is swarming with newcomers; there's something all too inviting about this old coastal, historic city." And we can't help but agree. If you appreciate modern Asian cuisine, this one's for you. Tasty cocktails included. Be sure to give crab rangoon toast and karaage (Japanese fried chicken) a taste. – everyone's favorite. Also, don't miss out on pork and cabbage dumplings.

Poogan's Porch

Heads up; make a reservation. Walk-ins can experience disappointment. – but it's all worth it. So, brunch in Charleston; doesn't get any better than this: traditional Southern cooking, a Victorian townhouse with porches, and an impressive wine cellar. Bottomless brunch, anyone? And beyond. Featured on the Travel Channel and other popular media vessels, this well-renowned restaurant has its doors wide open for all visitors from 9 am to 3 pm. Quite the party. Bottomless mimosas, and we're off to a good start. Although of tourist trap narrative nature, the historic home offers a sensory galore – from bacon jam and mahi mahi to pimento cheese fritters. Pick your savory or sweet brunch delight. Be sure to try Poogan's Porch crab soup and fried green tomatoes. P.S. Complimentary biscuits.

Edmund's Oast

For that ultra-hearty brunch, head out to Edmund's Oast (beer hall). This super relaxing spot will greet you with an outdoor brewery, signature dishes, and some class-A craft cocktails. The hip spot (offering New American fare) has a gorgeous patio and an outstanding brunch menu for all the craving hearts out there. Our recommendation? Get the shrimp toast. Or get the famous banana pudding if you're feeling indulgent. Side note: it is also known to work its magic after dark. Edmund's oast is a superb site for impromptu date nights (the lighting is spectacular – instant intimacy vibes). As for the specials, you can swing from artisan meat share cheeseburgers and fried catfish and grits to some of the most spectacular vegetarian dishes in town. Breathtaking.

Thinking about moving to Charleston? We can't scold you for displaying impeccable taste. Eager tastebuds, the Holy City welcomes you. If you want to learn how to unpack like a pro – we've got you: the best way to tackle this is to head to Edmund's Oast (first thing) and indulge in their unmatched beer selection. The rest will follow (organically).

Basic Kitchen

Basic? Nothing basic about it. The Charleston brunch demi-god thrives on locally grown, healthy ingredients. Their goal? Claiming the town's no.1 brunch spot. Placed in historic downtown, Basic Kitchen's all-window exterior clutches to its autonomously grown herbal garden. And it's 100% smashing. The ever-changing menu (season to season) ensures the ultimate gastronomic experience. Keep it fresh, healthy lifestyle. Brunch is served from 10 am to 3 pm. So, meat lovers, beware: the dishes your tastebuds will experience will (9.8/10 – so more than most likely) satisfy even the most religious of carnivores. Vegan, gluten-free options, spectacular patio, and the friendliest staff. Hop on the Basic's porch, regretting it is impossible.

Final words

So, brunch in Charleston? The low country's got your back. Feel free to roam. And we promise you – wherever you go, you will find your spot. 


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