Benne's by Peninsula Grill Satisfying Appetites All Day Long

Morning Cafe & Late Day Bistro Serves Up Tempting Food & Drink on N. Market Street

Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

aaaaaaaabenneslogoTucked eloquently in the courtyard alley adjacent to Planter's Inn, Peninsula Grill have been faithfully serving patrons who've grown accustom to fine dining along Market Street in downtown Charleston. Esteemed publications such as Conde Nast, Travel & Leisure, USA Today, and Southern Living have long lauded Peninsula Grill as one of Charleston's best, in addition to countless other outlets, many praising their dessert menu particularly the Ultimate Coconut Cake which has long been in a league of its own.  

Perhaps it's Peninsula Grill's continued acclaim that lead the upscale restaurant to open Benne's (pronounced Bennie's) right next door at 112 N. Market Street in August of 2022. Named for the African introduced nutty-sweet sesame wafer meant to promote goodwill, Benne's is an all day moderately priced eatery that is both tastefully unique and aesthetically pleasing. aaaaaaabennescake 1

When it comes to food & beverage Benne's runs the gamut. Open 9am-11pm Benne's is a late morning and midday cafe serving up home-made breakfast pastries, bagels, parfaits and coffee elixirs, shifting to a late day bistro offering up specialty sandwiches, salads, and sweet treats, alongside craft beers, wine, whiskey & cordials from 11am until close.

No matter what time of day you pop in, Benne's caters to ever palate. Enjoy a fresh and flaky traditional or chocolate croissant for a mere $5. Prefer something a bit more savory at 9am, than maybe order the Smoked Salmon Bagel. At $15, worth every bite. For half that price you can't go wrong with their Bacon, Egg, & Cheddar on an English muffin. Need to satisfy that 10am sweet tooth, I suggest their Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry. All three are scrumpdillyicious! aaaaaaaabennessand

Maybe you skipped breakfast and are bringing a more hearty appetite to Benne's around 1pm. They serve up five signature sandwiches as well as three specialty salads that will easily fill the hunger void. The Grilled Pimento Cheese is as Charlestonian as you can get, with their Bavarian Grilled Cheese paying homage to Germany, served on fresh rye bread and smothered in Munster and kraut, with a cool pear sensation.

Old school carnivores may opt for the Roast Beef Melt aka mouth watering juicy beef blanketed under aged cheddar, caramelized onion, and a smidge of horseradish aioli. Several gluten-free and veggie options including the Local Baby Greens or the Baby Kale Salad complete with roasted apple, blue cheese, red onion, dried cranberries, under a balsamic vinaigrette. With or without crumbled bacon they are invigorating.

Whatever your favorite beverage, Benne's has the ideal liquid refreshment to accompany your lite bite or sumptuous sandwich. They know how to celebrate the coffee bean lover with rich double espressos, lattes, and macchiatos. Hot and iced tea, morning juices, Icelandic Sparkling Water or maybe an energizing Açai Smoothie.

Benne's adult libations are to numerous to list. Safe to say if fancy specialty smooth drinking bourbons, single malt scotch, and flavored cordials than Benne's is the perfect after hours location. Enjoy any of their nine signature and dessert cocktails including a Red Velvet Martini crafted with Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, Godiva Chocolate, Creme De Caca, and grenadine. I call that a double 'ooh-la-la'! aaaaaaaabennescocktail

The Smoked Old Fashioned concocted with Maker’s Mark, and a blend of strawberry basil simple syrup, orange, with hints of Smoked Cherry Wood complements Benne's $25 Charcuterie Plate, comprised of a Chef’s selection of cured meats, cheeses & seasonal accompaniments. Great with a cocktail, bubbly, red or white wine, or a distinct selection of local draft beers including a Munkle Pilsner, Westbrook White Thai, or the Edmunds Oast Rotating Sour Berry Punch.

Maybe you're just downtown enjoying the sites, walking Waterfront Park, catching a live play, and get a hankering for a spectacular food & beverage experience to begin or end the evening, than I strongly suggest Benne's. Whether it's a sweet tooth or a savory yearning you're hoping to fill, Benne's offers something for every craving. Enjoy a Pimento Cheese Board or Hummus Spread with toasted naan (leavened flatbread) while sipping your favorite cocktail.

Going full tilt than just tell your server to 'bring me a piece of your Ultimate Coconut Cake' frosted in fluffy cream cheese icing and encrusted in freshly toasted coconut. Cocoa bean lovers will drool over their Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake. I've checked ahead, and both desserts are on the buffet line in heaven. Simply divine! Ideal with a late night cup of coffee or glass of champagne! aaaaaaaabenneschoccake

In between meals and have the munchies, consider their namesake 'Benne Wafer'. A great grab & go sesame seed cookie ideally paired with a cup of joe or with kombucha (lightly sweetened and effervescent fermented black tea). No matter how you combine the two, it will keep give you that extra little energy boost!

Maybe you've enjoyed the downtown scene for several hours, caught a play, shopped along King Street, strolled through the market and you're seeking that final food and beverage nightcap. Something that will arouse the taste buds and put an exclamation on an already awesome day or a romantic outing. Whether you're coupling or on the town with friends Benne's becomes the ultimate late night dessert lounge. 

Pair your favorite cocktail with one of their signature truffles, confections, or petit fours (bite sized very small fancy cakes). For the chocolate lovers there's always Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry. Only one word comes to mind 'extraordinary'. The overall motif of the dining hall with its mirrored walls and ceiling as well as the yesteryear furniture will transport guests back to the elegant 1960's. The pleasant surroundings only enhance your visit.

Mid morning, midday, early evening, and late night (9am-11pm daily) Benne's has you covered. Breakfast pastries and bagels until they run out, followed by specialty sandwiches, salads, and desserts to go along with a plethora of hot and cold beverages. If you're looking for a slightly ritzy yet affordable dining option in downtown Charleston, than Benne's has the answer.

Benne's shares the courtyard and the kitchen with Peninsula Grill so every item they serve up comes from their thinking outside the box bakers as well as their skilled food & beverage artisans. That alone tells you no matter what you order it's going to be 'awesome'. Find Benne's by Peninsula Grill at 112 N. Market Street next to Planter's Inn across from the historic Charleston City Market. For all things Benne's visit