Chicken Salad Chick Puts 'Chic' In Southern Staple

Franchise Focusing on Chicken Salad With a Tasteful Twist Opens Third Charleston Area Location in Goose Creek

Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

If you travel this great country of ours especially throughout the southeast you’ll discover a wide variety of chicken salad recipes. As long as backyard chefs have been mixing chopped white chicken meat with Duke’s Mayonnaise southerners have embraced the creamy poultry concoctions that have adorned tables at local eateries, church socials, family reunions, and company picnics east of the Mississippi. aaaaaaaacsc5

15 years ago Stacy Brown turned her passion into one of the fastest growing restaurant franchises in the country. Her love and creativity for one of the south's go to foods, helped the Auburn Alabama native launch Chicken Salad Chick from her very own kitchen in 2008. And with the opening of the latest fast-casual eatery in Goose Creek Chicken Salad Chick has grown into 240 locations covering the southeast as far as North Carolina to Texas, and Florida to Indiana.

Of course chicken salad is no stranger to southern menus, but until 2008 with the ingenuity of Brown chicken salad hadn’t been front and center. A connoisseur if you may of chicken salad, Brown made it her quest to seek out the perfect chicken salad only to discover wherever she roamed every grandmother and small town cafe offered up different versions, whether sweet, nutty, fruit filled or pungent. aaaaaaaacsc1

Not content to settle on just one Brown decided to adopt over a dozen recipes, tweaked them, added her own panache and incorporate them all into an upscale chain appropriately called Chicken Salad Chick. In case you’re wondering chick is a slang term for southern lady. All kidding aside Chicken Salad Chick is not only revolutionary but downright amazing. Let me put it another way. Chicken Salad Chick has done for chicken salad what Chick Fila did for the lightly breaded chicken sandwich.

Far from burgers and fried foods Chicken Salad Chick offers up 15 made from scratch signature salads with chicken and mayo being the lone mainstay. Several are uniquely named for family members, friends, and or people who have inspired Brown’s tastefully delectable journey. From mild to let’s wake up the taste buds and everything in between Chicken Salad Chick has serves up a bevy of chicken salads each with their own character and zing.

Traditional diners may prefer the Classic Carol, the velvety blend that spearheaded the revolution or Olivia’s Old South with a hint of sweet pickles and chopped eggs. Take the zest level up a notch with the Sassy Scotty, a delightful mixture of bacon and shredded cheddar inspired with an extra measure of ranch dressing, easily one of my favorites. Yummy to the tummy! aaaaaaaacsc3

If you’re one of those types who like your chicken salad with some bite I would suggest the Dixie Chick, laced with an ample amount of onion it’s billed as the most offensive salad on the menu. However the Jalapeno Holly (need I say more) presents a dicey attack to the old taste buds. No matter which way you go, whether Dixie or Holly you’re in for an incredible taste sensation.

Ladies are sure to find the Cranberry Kelli a welcome treat. Sweetened dried cranberries folded into a creamy chicken blend with almond slivers. A tad bit crunchy with a smattering of fruit of the red berry. The Fancy Nancy puts a little twist on Kelli, substituting in pecans and grapes with diced Fuji apples as the kicker. It’s a welcome choice for the sophisticated palate, or the adventurous farm hand.

Perhaps my second favorite is the Nutty Nana. You know that whimsical grandma who chops up pecans and cashews and introduces them to the traditional salad. Think a double nut threat meets the Classic Carol. Now that’s thinking outside the picnic basket. A variety of salads salute the smack of buffalo sauce or the zest of cayenne pepper, with the Luau Lydia celebrating the islands with its tropical blend of pineapple and macadamia nuts. A crazy mix of tempting chicken salads, oh how clever. Occasionally on the menu you might discover a seasonal concoction. So many chicken salad choices it will tastefully blow your mind! 

You can pick your poultry delight of choice in sandwich form with choice of side, pickle spear and the cookie of the day for just $9.29. It’s a welcome price, for a healthy meal. Select any three chicken salads in a combination trio served with wheat crackers and pickle spear for a couple dollars more. Feel free to substitute any of the four equally impressive side item salads including Broccoli, Pasta, Grape, and or Fresh Fruit. All complement the plethora of chicken salad choices.

There is always a warm and inviting Soup of the Day on the menu board. Maybe try a cup of soup and half sandwich for just $7.49. aaaaaaaacsc8

Chicken salad may rule the roost at Chicken Salad Chick, but being from the south and overly hospitable they do offer a few other welcome sandwiches including another genteel favorite the Pimento Cheese BLT aka a traditional or spicy pimento cheese on grilled bread, layered with crispy bacon, fresh lettuce, & sliced tomato. Ooh la-la! The oven roasted Turkey Club comes bedecked with crispy bacon, provolone, honey mustard, fresh lettuce, & sliced tomato. Simply savory, and all under $10.  

At Chicken Salad Chick you can dine it or get takeout. Order a meal or leave with a pound of your favorite chicken salad. Have your meal as an appetizer platter or packed in between two slices of bread. Take a break from fast food burgers or fried everything and walk on the wild chicken salad side. It’s a little bit healthy, definitely decadent and oh so good tasting. Oh yeah, did I mention their Pimento Cheese is out of this world, a zesty blend of grated cheddar and pepper jack cheese with a smidge of house dressing. Heavenly! aaaaaaaacsc10

Like their menu says, ‘a simple concept, a superb experience’. There is no way to express it any easier. Chicken Salad Chick didn’t invent chicken salad they just improved it 15 times over. In case you’re wondering they do offer catering. While several of their signature blends eat like desserts, they do serve up a couple of sweet treats including my personal favorite the Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Treat. Chocolately to the max! 

The newest Chicken Salad Chick location is at 220 St. James Avenue in Goose Creek near the entrance to Crowfield, less than 10 minutes from North Charleston, College Park, and the very busy Cane Bay community. They have two other locations in greater Charleston including Coleman Boulevard in Mount Pleasant and in the Azalea Square  Summerville. aaaaaaaacsc9

Come for lunch or an early dinner because they are only open 10:30-8pm Monday thru Saturday. When you’re serving up angelic food you tend to take Sundays off. If you live, work or are just up in Goose Creek for fun maybe give them a warm low country welcome. For more visit