Coastal Skillet Celebrating Sunday Brunch Everyday

Clements Ferry Road Eatery Blending NYC & Charleston Cuisines,  With Side of Patriotism

Jeff Walker,  Restaurant Review

Take the Clements Ferry Road exit towards Cainhoy for about five minutes (six miles as the crow flies) and you'll discover Coastal Skillet tucked in Publix anchored Point Hope Commons shopping center. Owned by Tracy and Joe Bertuglia, Coastal Skillet is a veteran owned food & beverage establishment that quite frankly combines all the elements of a NY diner with the charm of a southern cafe. aaaaaaaacoastalskilllogo

Open 7am-3pm Tuesday thru Friday, and 8am-4pm Saturday and Sunday, Coastal Skillet celebrates breakfast and lunch aka brunch six days a week. Let me cut to the chase right away, Coastal Skillet is a AAA-rated eatery meaning they excel in 'Amazing, Awesome, & Appetizing'. Their homepage says it best. They bring good food, good drinks, and good conversation together.

From lighter fare to classic breakfasts, and from preferred handhelds to stick to your ribs entrees, Coastal Skillet covers all the bases, offering upscale menu items catering to distinct palates, while basically charging blue collar prices. At $18 the Steak (juicy ribeye) & Eggs entree is currently the most expensive item on the bill or fare. And trust me it's going to taste like you paid $10 more. aaaaaaaacoastalskillburg1

Maybe it's 10am and you're deciding between breakfast or lunch fare. No worries, Coastal Skillet has a plethora of options. I strongly recommend the Brunch Burger, an impressive and ample twin patty blend of beef and brisket blanketed under special sauce (secret recipe), crispy bacon, American cheese and fried egg. You can stay close to the vest and enjoy with hand cut fries, or go rogue and have with a side of breakfast potatoes or pimento cheese grits. Except for decorum there are no rules when choosing a side.

Want a real shocker? Their Shrimp & Grits entree will make you forgo plans to head to downtown Charleston. We're talking plump saltwater prawns sauteed in a medley of diced onions, peppers & tomatoes, and andouille sausage in a seasoned tasso gravy. Totally off the freakin' charts. There are a host of upscale restaurants in greater Charleston that serve up a variety of shrimp & grits, but none of them any better than what you'll dine on at Coastal Skillet. At a mere $16 you'll not only save money, but time and money spent trying to park downtown.

Coastal Skillet serve up a host of stick to your ribs entrees, plates of food that will satisfy the hungriest of appetites. However, their namesake meal is easily the most hearty. An ample portion of potato hash layered under a swathe of caramelized onion and bell & chili peppers, with your choice of brisket or chicken. Exceptionally filling with a bit of zest, as is the Mac & Cheese Skillet crafted with corkscrew pasta, bacon, and chives. $16 and $11 respectively. aaaaaaaacoastalskillmac

Tracy and Joe hail from New York. They have an appreciation for everyday comfort foods and above board customer service. While both work at Coastal Skillet, Tracy stills applies her talents to commercial and residential real estate development. Joe on the other hand gained his love for food & beverage working in NY delis and dining establishments in Summerville, before he and Tracy decided to go it alone, and the response has been overwhelming.

Joe's experience working in delis is apparent with their Reuben Sandwich. This is a make or break sandwich for a lot of Reuben lovers, and make no mistake Coastal Skillet nail it. Lightly toasted rye bread wrapped around succulent corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, with a slather of thousand island dressing. There are a handful of lowcountry eateries (no chains) serving up decent Reubens, but trust me you'd have to visit the Big Apple to sink your teeth and gums in one as comparable as Coastal Skillet serve up. When serving up iconic foods, authenticity is key.

There are roughly three dozen incredible edibles on the menu, many reflecting familiar breakfast and lunch items preferred by New Yorkers and Charlestonians. You'll find a bagel with a smear of cream cheese alongside Southern Biscuits & Gravy. Locals might opt for Chicken & Waffles under a sweet drizzle, while their counterparts may elect to dine on the Press Sandwich, basically a high brow version of an Italian sub with hot capicola and prosciutto on a French baguette. Ooh la la. aaaaaaaacoastalskillchwaff1

While traditional menu items from the north and the south fill most of the menu, Coastal Skillet do provide a few that cater to eclectic and health conscious palates, such as Avocado Toast, Veggie Paninis, Garden Salads, and a Granola Bowl laced with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. If you're going a bit upper crust perhaps the Crabcakes Benedict, Quiche Du Jour, or the Smoked Salmon Platter with a refreshing cocktail may be more to your liking.

Adding a little spice to their standard brunch menu, Coastal Skillet host theme dinners each and every Thursday beginning at 5pm. No reservations needed. Just pop in and enjoy a touch of Italian, American, Mexican, Mediterranean, seafood or whatever Joe and Chef Henry create in the kitchen. It's a nice diversion from the standard menu and a pleasant way for Joe and Henry to put their cuisine artistry to further use.

Dropping in for a quick little pick me up. Coastal Skillet's half dozen 'Shareables' satisfy both sweet and seasoned appetites. Whether you're heading to work or just getting off the night shift, enjoy Homemade Donuts (yes homemade) with a fruit compote (syrupy concoction) or pastries made to order at 7am or 1pm. The hand-cut Fry Skillet fries smothered in parmesan, truffle oil, and a drizzle of aioli are a great way to arouse the taste buds or reward yourself for a making it through the day. aaaaaaaacoastalskilldonuts

Their oversized skillet glazed cinnamon roll makes for a nice early morning pick me up or after meal treat, but if you're craving a dessert that is preferred from coast to coast than I recommend a slice of their DBS Famous Cheesecake. Named for Tracy's mother Donna, the DBS is a age old family recipe Tracy is proud to share with guests. At $8 it's filling, and easily feeds two. Pair this delight with a robust cup of coffee,  a glass of wine, or the Espresso Martini.

Of course you can enjoy your meal with a great cup of coffee, juices, soft drinks, domestic and local craft beers and prosecco (champagne) on tap, but since Coastal Skillet is primarily an everyday brunch cafe I suggest their exceptional cocktails including an always refreshing Bloody Mary, the seasonal Pumpkin Punch laced with pineapple, OJ, coconut, and rum, or  Fireside Smores crafted with Irish Cream, Kahlua, vodka, graham crackers w/ toasted marshmallows. It will warm you up.aaaaaaaacoastalskilletmimosa

All the above would be an ideal complement to your order. However, one of Coastal Skillet's mottos is positioned on the wall 'Make the Mimosa Your Day'. Signature mimosas such as pomegranate peach, strawberry lemon, and grapefruit sea-salt go well with a Belgium Waffle or French Toast adorned with Brûlée batter, brioche, and a fruit compote. Enjoy by the glass, carafe, or spice it up with a flight.

aaaaaaaacoastalskillflightGood food, good drink, good conversation, and great customer service is all well and good, however Coastal Skillet serve up an emotional entree that pays tribute to our armed forces. Joe, having served in the US Army including two tours in Afghanistan, along with Tracy have set aside a 'soldier's table' honoring military lost in action.

It's a great tribute that comes with an everyday 10% discount for veterans and active military, with a 15% discount on Tuesdays. Saluting those who sacrificed all is easily the best dish on the menu. As a further reminder Joe and Tracy invite you to take home a toy soldier (GI Joe) and place on your mantel to remind you of the sacrifices our men and women in uniform go through serving and protecting our country. Amen to that! aaaaaaaacoastalskilltable

There's only one last detail to talk about, and that is the overall ambiance. Much like their food Coastal Skillet's dining hall is pleasing to the senses. Very welcoming soft colors inside a open industrial loft type of setting. Lots of glass (windows) to allow sunlight in, with  oversized garage doors that open to a manicured patio providing desirable open air seating when Mother Nature cooperates. 

Coming full circle, Coastal Skillet serve up everyday comfort foods that reflect where Joe and Tracy came from and the home they've come to appreciate. They aren't trying to re-invent food & beverage, rather they're embracing and enhancing the foods people enjoy on a daily basis, all the while trying to do so at reasonable prices. And that's what being part of the community is all about!

aaaaaaaacoastalskillbarIf you live or work anywhere off Clements Ferry Road, on Daniel Island, or on 41 around Dunes West and Rivertowne than you're less than 10 minutes from some of best food & drink Charleston has to offer. Coastal Skillet's physical address if you're using GPS is 112 Renaissance Lane, Charleston.

Just look for the Publix in Point Hope Commons on Clements Ferry and you've basically found your next go to brunch place. And by the way they do cater and offer their restaurant for special events later in the day. For more on this incredible dining experience visit