Crush Yard Invite You to Eat, Drink, & Play Pickleball

Mount Pleasant Location Hosts 8 Indoor Courts, Self Serve Brew Taps, & Elevated Bar Food Alongside Family Fun & Games

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment & Restaurant Review

What began as a simple activity for seniors has morphed overnight into a professional sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Pickleball has become a national phenomena, and as more countries embrace it, it won't be long before it becomes an Olympic event.

With its popularity on the rise, it's understandable why Charleston area entrepreneur David Hack decided to open Crush Yard, the lowcountry's first all encompassing indoor pickleball facility, blending the sport with food & beverage, as well as family oriented entertainment. aaaaaaaacrushyardlogo

Combining pickleball with food & drink is genius, and part of a growing sensation appropriately called 'eatertainment'. Situated at 3365 S. Morgans Point Road in Mount Pleasant in front of Charleston National on 17N, Crushyard serve up pickleball, everyday handheld edibles, alongside craft beer, wine, and select cocktails.

Hack's business model is somewhat unique, transforming a former supermarket and retail shop into a welcoming environment, where patrons are encouraged to play pickleball on one of eight well maintained courts in a climate controlled facility.

While visitors are waiting for scheduled or open court time they can lounge around in the oversized center court area, complete with cafe tables, large plush sofas, coffee tables and more, where they can play board games, Uno, Jenga, enjoy reading a book or engage in stimulating conversation. Trying to get pumped before taking the court, maybe delight in a game of cornhole.

A mezzanine level directly above provides additional relaxation and allows awesome viewing of competitive pickleball matches. The overall feel resembles a community living room surrounded by an industrial eye appealing pickleball facility. aaaaaaaacrushyard1

Crush Yard offer two vastly different memberships. For the serious player aka 'those who want to crush it on the courts' you can join for $121 a month which allows for unlimited court time with guests from 6-11am everyday. Additional perks include weekend brunch, alongside unlimited coffee, soda, sports drinks, juice, and slushies any time your on site.

Full-fledged members enjoy 20% discount on retail purchases, equipment rental, tournaments, camps, classes, and lessons, as well as reserving courts up to four weeks in advance Monday thru Thursday at a 50% discount. For those who want to crush it several days a week, or several times a day, the $121 membership plan is ideal, and provides more perks than the cost of one or two rounds of golf.

For casual players who just want to 'relax in the yard' there's a simple $8 plan that not only provides for unlimited coffee, soda, sports drinks, juice, and slushies, but also allows you to reserve courts up to two weeks in advance Monday thru Thursday at a 10% discount. A 10% discount on retail and equipment rental comes with the monthly plan.

And what about the food and beverage. While you're not dining on Five-Star cuisine, Executive Chef Brandon Buck describes the menu as 'elevated bar food'. A 30 year food & beverage veteran, Buck has had career stops at Cypress, Kiawah, and Middle Plantation prior to coming onboard at Crush Yard.

By far the First Serves (clever title) aka lite bites, appetizers, and or shareables top the food & beverage bill of fare. All ages are going crazy over the Pawleys Island Pretzel Bites and rightfully so, because they are freakin' awesome. Served up with Holy City Pilsner beer cheese, they are a pop in your mouth sensation. aaaaaaaacrushyard7

Two others you might want to order often are their Smoked & Spicy 'dry rubbed' Wings coated in a sirachi honey glaze complete with Clemson's own blue cheese dressing and crispy celery sticks. They are a notch above elevated bar food. The gluten-free Fried Brussel Sprouts come swirled in a whole grain dijon mustard and shallots (sweet onions). It's the closest thing on the menu that reflects a side that would be served in upscale restaurants in downtown Charleston.

More than half a dozen sandwiches including across the board favorites, all available on white, wheat, brioche, hoagie, and Gluten free bread options. Chicken salad is all the rage and Crush Yard serve up a cool and refreshing blend diced with celery, sliced red grapes, and pecans alongside their special dressing, Complete with shredded romaine lettuce.

Crush Yard's signature burger 'The Crush' comes blanketed in your choice of Holy City Pilsner beer cheese or pimento, layered under your favorite garden veggies. The Crush comes in 6oz patty versions of Schweid and Sons certified Angus all beef, turkey for non beef eaters, and an Impossible burger for vegans. Regular menu items including four salads are appropriately priced ranging from $9-$15.

The 'kids menu' include four standards that no child ever says no too. For $8 they can enjoy a Nathan's Hotdog, a PB&J, grilled cheese on white or wheat, or if they are eating healthier maybe Greek Yogurt Parfait (seasonal fruit preserve, granola and fresh fruit). All kid friendly and yummy!

Basically the menu is designed to accommodate easy to eat comfort foods. With cafe tables aligned alongside the courts, pretzel bites or sweet potato fries are shareables you can pop in your mouth in between serves. Enjoy a Coke product or a cold brewski in the same manner.

People order food via the kiosk up front or the barcodes on the napkin holders around the restaurant. They can pay via card on the kiosk or straight from their phones with the barcode. They receive a text once the order is ready and can come to the back to pick it up. Easy peasy!

Speaking of beverages, the drink menu is even more unique. Crush Yard have 36 beers, 4 wines, and 8 cocktails on tap. And much like an anticipated movie release, Crush Yard have a 'full bar coming soon'.

I know what you're saying. Where the uniqueness? For beer, wine and cocktails, go to the back of the restaurant and see their Drink Ambassador (real person) who will check your ID, swipe your credit card, and issue you a or wristband to pour your own drinks.

Self-pour taps are ready to serve you a full glass or just a taste as you sample their wide selections. You’ll only be charged for what you pour, so try as many as you like and find your favorites. Great way to sample some new craft beers. aaaaaaaacrushbeer

With a wide variety of brews, there is a lager, amber, IPA, pilsner, or stout to satisfy the most picky beer lover. You'll find favorites from local craft brewers including Holy City, Brew Lab, Low Tide, LoFi, Snafu, and Frothy Beard. Those will be on display with selection of regional beers, as well as the everyday Miller, Coors, Yuengling, and PBR taps. Prices range from 35 to 80 cents per ounce.

Not a beer lover or just prefer something a tad more cosmopolitan, than the wine and cocktail self pour taps may be calling your name. Maybe lounge in the living room while sipping a preferred chardonnay, pinot, espresso martini, or a zesty rum punch, all for around $1.50 per ounce.

Let's do a quick recap. Elevated bar food combined with good drink, alongside America's fastest growing sport, all inside a climate controlled family friendly gaming environment. You're thinking is that all. Not for a skinny minute. This is Crush Yard, where they 'crush it to the next level'.

Crushyard is happy to host your church social and team building event, as well as birthday, bachelor, bachelorette, and company parties. If you're daring you can rent the entire venue or just rent a court or two. Perhaps book the mezzanine level for a private outing. Crush Yard coordinators are more than happy to assist in planning and hosting your event.

On select Wednesdays and Sundays Crush Yard host 'Trivia Night', and on Friday nights members and guests can join in their Glow Pickle Party, where you're invited to wear lighter colors (white) and play pickleball under the neon lights. aaaaaaaacrushyard6

We're not done yet. Want to learn how to play pickleball, or have the basics and wish to compete at the highest level? Crush Yard have pros i.e. Dan Levine (Pickleball Director), Matt Ouano (Assistant Pro), and Matt 'McNasty' Manasse (Brand Ambassador) who are more than happy to improve your skill set so you can crush your friends and co-workers on the court. Enjoy group classes or private lessons from any of them.

One final note. From time to time Crush Yard host 'Beat the Pro Day' where participants have a chance to compete against two of the 'top 50' players in the world. Kick their butts and not only earn bragging rights but earn prizes. Crush Yard also host regular tournaments where you and your team-mates can earn cash prizes. The fine folks at Crush Yard would be delighted to talk to you about tying a local fundraiser into a tournament or event.

Lots to do at Crush Yard. Casual fun. Competitive fun. You can become a heavy hitter (pun intended) by becoming a regular member with lots of perks, or just visit on occasion for a change of pace from your neighborhood or community pickleball courts.

While Charleston is the first Crush Yard, locations in Orlando and Nashville plan to open in 2024, with your monthly memberships welcome while visiting those cities. 'Crush Yard, where the weather is always perfect and the courts are dry'! Open for play for members 6-11am, 11am-10pm for guests Sun-Thurs, and 11am-10pm Fri-Sat. If you want to learn more, check out their menu, book an event, or take a 360 degree virtual tour visit