Hushpuppies Seafood Co. Serving Up 'Fast Casual Seafood'

From the Family of Page's Okra Grill Comes an All New Seafood Concept In Summerville

Jeff Walker,  Restaurant Review

From Chase Page, a member of family that gave the low country Page's Okra Grill comes a brand new concept 'Hushpuppies Seafood Company' (HSC). Located at 1097 N. Main Street in Summerville, General Manager Justin Johnson describes HSC as FCS aka 'fast casual seafood'. aaaaaaaahsc5

Let's break FCS down. First off, fast doesn't mean Hushpuppies Seafood is a typical fast food joint. They are far from that. While you order at the counter and your meal is presented in an timely manner, it's served to you at the table, and once you bite into it, you'll quickly discover it's far above fast food fare.

Secondly casual means just as you imagine, they are a come as you are laid back eatery. Thirdly seafood pretty much describes 90 percent of their menu aside from a killer smashburger and a chicken tender sandwich as well as chicken tenders and grilled cheese for the kids. And HSC is adequately priced considering you're getting better quality seafood than the everyday fast food joints. 

The menu is rather extensive for a fast casual eatery. Feast upon hearty servings of sandwiches, baskets, and seafood platters, alongside a couple of featured entrees that are enhanced with stone ground cheese flavored grits complements of Allen Brothers Milling out of Columbia SC.

Most patrons focus on baskets and platters, with both providing ample portions of shrimp, flounder, oysters mahi, and or scallops depending on the particular order. The beauty of the platters whether you choose the Baby Shark at $22 or the Granny Shark at $35 is that you're going to receive an abundance of food that two or more can easily share. aaaaaaaahsc1

The Baby comes complete with a half dozen seasoned plump fried shrimp and a nice sized fried flounder fillet presented with their signature 'OG' hushpuppies and side of choice. I would opt for gouda grits or the three cheese baked mac & cheese. If two lite-eaters dine on the Baby Shark they'll fill up for just $11 each.

The Granny replaces the flounder with succulent grilled mahi and seared or blackened scallops with herb garlic butter sauce for dipping. Again, this will positively fill two robust appetites. You can't have a Baby Shark without a Mommy or a Daddy Shark. Those two platters come as the Baby does, with the inclusion of fried oysters, adding seafood croquettes on the Daddy. Both are appropriately priced less than the Granny.

You can scale back and just order a fried or grilled shrimp basket for $20 complete with side, puppies, and a dozen shrimp. All your seafood favorites come in baskets from $14 to $22. aaaaaaaahscshrimp

Here's the kicker. Unless you have a rare five star palate, the seafood you'll get at HSC is comparable to many of the restaurants alongside Shem Creek. So, if you have a hankering for seafood and you're not interested in paying for the view or table side service than Hushpuppies Seafood Company will more than satisfy your craving.

Maybe several of you decide on HSC for lunch, and one in your party isn't a seafood lover or in the seafood mood, well if they are a carnivore than I strongly recommend the Pup Smash Burger. A full half pound twin patty blanketed under American cheese and caramelized onions with a slather of their secret pup sauce. Grab several napkins because it's as messy as it should be, but worth every bite of $15. aaaaaaaahsc3

If you're a pescatarian (non-meat eater) than you're in your element. If you're a vegan not so much unless you opt for the Farmer's Salad without the bacon. Most meals come with a ramekin of creamy coleslaw, however their pepper-jack grits or street corn sides complement your choice just as well.

Want to combine two familiar favorites that will totally arouse the palate and fill the tummy than lean towards the Seafood Mac & Cheese. A delightful blend of blue crab meat, shrimp, bacon, and creamy cheese over a heaping helping of mac & cheese. Need I say more! Cheesy, creamy, and delectable!

Good food needs equally good drink. Here's something you don't find in fast food places. HSC has a beer & wine license. Therefore you can enjoy your meal with an adult beverage including a few choice fruits of the vine as well as beers from several local brewers. Sweet & unsweet tea and Coke products round out the beverage list.

One final note Hushpuppies Seafood Company host 'Crab Boils' on Fridays and 'Oyster Roasts' on Saturdays. Cost is by the pound and by the bucket respectively. And just to show they are environmentally conscious, they re-purpose the oyster shells. Just doing their part.

It's no small surprise someone from the Page's food & beverage family is offering up good tasting southern enhanced comfort food. Their Mount Pleasant Okra Grill location has received more local 'best of' awards than you can shake a stick at, including accolades from national publications. Congrats to Chase for opening 'fast casual seafood' that follows in those footsteps.

If you live or work in Summerville especially near the downtown area or Nexton than you're just minutes away. You can find Hushpuppies Seafood Company at 1097 N. Main Street Suite 201 approximately one mile off exit 199 from I-26 in the Summerville Marketplace Shopping Center by Earth Fare. For more on them visit