Low Country Public House Offer Affordable Upscale Pub Food

 Summerville's Latest Family Friendly Food & Beverage Locale Becoming a Regular Go To Destination 

Jeff Walker, Food & Beverage Writer

Open a little more than six months, Low Country Public House at 1426 Central Ave in Summerville has become a fixture for those who live or work on the northwest side of flowertown, Knightsville, and Jedburg. Owned and operated by Ginny and Chris VanZile, the same couple behind nearby Low Country Fish Camp, the Public House is best described as 'upscale pub food utilizing local and seasonal ingredients to create an ideal blend of traditional and imaginative dishes. aaaaaaaalphlogo1

Much like the Fish Camp, people including families and business types are coming out in droves on a regular basis because the Public House excel in two key restaurant indicators. They serve up exceptional food & beverages alongside delivering superior customer service. aaaaaaaalphoutside 1

But before I single out their menu and service, let me describe Low Country Public House's overall ambiance. Ginny and Chris have taken a former home at 1426 Central Ave. and totally revamped it inside and out into a unique, extremely welcoming restaurant with distinctive dining areas and an intimate bar that includes two big screen TVs carrying the most important game of the day.

The Prohibition Room adjacent to the bar provides a comfortable space to enjoy a cocktail, or a cold brew with handheld delights or appetizers. The room is more akin to a family den, while the Library is more the private dining room. The beauty of the personal touch is that groups or companies can rent out a particular room or the entire house for a private event. aaaaaaaalphprohib

When whether permits you have the back patio and enclosed courtyard that allows for a variety of family friendly outdoor games, including cornhole, ring toss, and playground equipment for the young ones. Simply stated it's best to think about the Low Country Public House as your home away from home, where congenial staff attend to your food & beverage needs.

And what about the edibles and potent potables. Ginny and Chris are both culinary school graduates and they are passionate about outstanding cuisine. While Low Country Public House doesn't have an extensive bill of fare, they focus on serving 30 plus signature menu items including apps, soup & salad, sandwiches, and a couple of main entrees that have everyday appeal.

Seafood, pub and lowcountry favorites make up a majority of the menu, with a few vegan options as well as one of two dishes with a bit more flair. Several of the 10 listed snacks eat like a meal, including the extra moist Blackened Steak Bites, and always welcome extra cheesy Mac & Cheese Bites. Pop in your mouth golden awesomeness! aaaaaaaalphpretz

You know how some places serve up wings and you end up getting more bone than you do poultry, not at Low Country Public House. 10 overly plump succulent wings (garlic, parmesan, cajun, or buffalo) complete with crisp celery alongside your choice of ranch or bleu cheese. The Pawley's Island Soft Pretzels are the most preferred in the state, and they serve them up with their own white cheddar beer dip and spicy mustard. Your taste buds will give you a resounding 'thank you'.

Coming in with a more sophisticated palate, maybe make a meal out of the French Onion Soup blanketed under gouda cheese and complete with crispy rustic bread. Ooh la-la! Want to stay in Paris, than you can't go wrong with the overly juicy French Dip sandwich nicely surrounding seasoned rosemary fries. You're damn straight the French have given Americans a few robust entrees.

Smashburgers are all the rage, and for $16 the Smashies is a mouthwatering, ample, half pound twin pattie delight oozing in cheddar or Swiss before being layered in garden veggies on a warm and tender brioche bun. Rosemary fries add nicely to this 100% all beef experience. Non red meat eaters or vegans can opt for the Turkey of Black Bean Burger. Something for everyone, isn't that what family does! aaaaaaaalphburrger

If you're just hoping for great tasting handhelds that go great with a cold beer, than maybe try the Jalapeno Cheddar Brat, or the Chicago dog's savory cousin the Apple Gouda Brat wrapped in bacon under fresh made coleslaw and a slather of spicy mustard. Great way to excite your taste-buds.

If you want a heartier entree you can go old school southern with a 12oz Fish & Chips (beer battered cod), or enjoy tender 10oz Blackened or Seared Mahi presented with fresh seasonal veggies, and your choice of six sides including Brussels & Burnt Ends or the classy Cucumber & Tomato Salad. $22 and $28 respectively. aaaaaaaalphfishchips

A 'kid's menu' and desserts, of course they have them. Keeping it right down the middle Low Country Public House serve up the four standard kid friendly meals including a burger, dog, grilled cheese, and chicken tenders. All for $8 or less. Affordable always taste good. aaaaaaaalphdessert

Desserts present a twist on the always classic Creme Brulee with their version crafted out of Madagascar Vanilla Bean Brulee w/ seasonal fruit & whipped cream. If you're a cocoa lover I strongly recommend the Bourbon Chocolate Mudd Sundae. A heaping helping of vanill ice cream smothered under bourbon chocolate pecan pie chunks, hot fudge, salted caramel before being topped with whipped cream. Scrumptious and heavenly come to mind for this cool and refreshing sweet treat.

Adult beverages run the gamut. Always a half dozen cold brews on tap, including a revolving door from the likes of Holy City, Edmunds Oast, Westbrook, or Tradesmen. Stella Artois and Guiness usually round out the taps. Bud, Miller, PBR, and Coors for the diehard beer fans. Most brews range from $5-$7. aaaaaaaalphbourbon

Unlike the Fish Camp, the Public House has a full liquor license which means if you want a dry martini, a Manhattan, or any of the handful of signature bourbons they carry to sip with your meal, than the bartenders will be happy to pour your favorite adult beverage. Bourbons range around $12 per.

Two specific cocktails reflect Low Country Public House and their Summerville location. The Central Sunset is a colorful and citrusy blend of vodka, schnapps, lemonade, orange juice and cranberry, with the refreshing and breezy Coconut Limeade a fusion of rum, coconut, lime, and lemon lime soda for a spritz of effervescence. A decent selection of wines by the glass or bottle, including the very celebratory French red Chateauneuf-du-Pape, a renowned appellation from the Rhône Valley in southern France. 

Let's recap. Low Country Public House is definitely upscale pub fare however the menu prices don't mirror that. Aside from the two main entrees, everything on the food menu is priced from $5-$17. The upscale depiction has more to do with their dedication to providing phenomenal tasting food. Talk to Ginny and Chris, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Located just five minutes from downtown Summerville on Central Ave., Low Country Public House is open Tues-Thurs 11am-8pm, and Fri-Sat 11am-9pm. You can drop by Sunday or Monday, but they won't be open because people who work in food & beverage need time to spend with family, rest, or celebrate the good Lord's benevolence. Happy hour runs 3-6 early in the week, and 3-5 on Friday. Live music occasionally on the weekends as well.

Will they deviate from the menu. I heard they cook up a mean French Onion Smashie (oui, oui) or serve up a cool Apple Pomegranate Sangria. They've even been known to host $38 Prime Rib Night and $25 Rib Night. The only rule they enforce is 'have a good time'.

Ginny and Chris invite you to taste the difference. Want to know more visit https://www.lowcountrypublichouse.com/