Topgolf Invite Charleston To Come Play A-Round!


Food, Fun, & A Unique Entertainment Experience Can Be Had at Latest Topgolf Facility

Jeff Walker, Entertainment & Restaurant Review

Located just ten minutes from downtown Charleston and Mount Pleasant, Topgolf recently opened its 87th global facility just behind the North Charleston Coliseum complex near Tanger Outlet in North Charleston. With its unprecedented tourism base, combined with 20 plus golf courses, and year round pleasant weather, greater Charleston is a golfer's paradise. The latest Topgolf location will only further enhance the attraction for golf enthusiasts. aaaaaatopgolflogo

When the word top is in your name you expect the pinnacle (pun intended) of golfing entertainment, and at Topgolf they don't disappoint. Since throwing their doors open to their flagship location in Watford, England in 2000 Topgolf has set the bar high on quality entertainment wrapped around one of the world's favorite past-times aka golf. But the kicker at Topgolf is that it's not only for the weekend golf warriors.

You can be a duffer (hack) or a scratch golfer (par player). You can come by yourself to help improve your game, or bring three of your golfing buddies to compete against one another in friendly competition. However, one of the first rules regarding Topgolf is you don't have to be good at the game to have a good time.

Simply stated 'Topgolf is a top tier facility that provides a wealth of sporting activities, including gaming systems and a full service restaurant, all designed for patrons to have fun whether they are seasoned golfers, beginners, or just out to enjoy a good time with family and friends. Topgolf is not just another high level driving range, rather it's a 'full on entertainment experience'.

72 climate controlled hitting bays welcome players who want to test their skills by hitting at on field targets, where they can rack up points based on the level of game they choose. Tracking technology allows players to trace their ball flight using metrics similar to the popular video game Angry Birds. How cool is that!

At Topgolf you can come in for a variety of entertaining opportunities with no doubt the hitting bays the marquee attraction. 72 climate controlled cubicles complete with TVs, cushy sofas, and tables ideal for one to six patrons, whether they hit balls or not. Those who choose to compete have several gaming options at their fingertips. 

Can you bring your own clubs? Absolutely! But fear not if you don't want to carry your sticks with you, Topgolf have several of the preferred irons to accommodate your level of play, no matter your age, gender, size, or whether your left or right handed. All you need to bring is your swing!! aaaaaatopgolfbay

Although the weather in Charleston is relatively nice year round, there are occasions when it's down right cold outside, and of course we have our fair share of rain. No matter the forecast, at Topgolf you can stay warm and dry while still hitting balls into the vast artificial turf.

The basic rules at Topgolf reflect common sense, decency, safety, and respect. Is Topgolf wheelchair accessible? Hell yes! Do they have a dress code? Like the old adage says 'no shoes, no shirt, no service'. Topgolf are not sticklers on your attire, but they remind patrons their facility is family friendly. One caveat remains, if you decide to wear golf shoes during your visit they cannot have metal spikes. Besides that's so 20th century!

Is there something to do if you choose not to swing a club? Damn straight there is. Maybe the rest of your party are duking it out in one of the hitting bays. You're welcome to hang out, or maybe you'd prefer to cozy up to the bar and enjoy a cold brew while watching the game. Some in your group may choose to enjoy a bite to eat or browse thru their merchandise.

While they have a few rules when it comes to decorum (a fancy word for protocol), when it comes to merriment there are no rules. Whether you shoot par golf, are the occasional weekend hacker, or considering learning how to play Topgolf welcome you to come out and tee it up for a good time!

Just to the right of the entryway is Topgolf's main level sports bar complete with a giant movie theater screen that's ideal for the big game or it can be displayed into four oversized TVs that might show the Golf Channel, ESPN, and whatever big sporting event that is taking place.

The first floor sports bar is spacious and carries a modern day loft feel, with the plenty of room for your foursome to sit and enjoy awesome food and beverages. The smaller more quaint second story pub overlooks the larger open dining area, with a long counter allowing patrons an incredible seat for the game while still enjoying all the action.

Adjacent to the first floor sports bar is open air good sized patio, complete with a stage where a guest DJ can set up to entertain your private event under the stars. Ideal for an intimate gathering of 100 of your closest friends. Just right of the patio is Topgolf's nine hole putt-putt. A great place to hang with your kids your grandkids. aaaaaatopgolfmini

Is Topgolf affordable you ask? Relative to other entertainment options and the game of golf itself, than Topgolf is priced appropriately. Ironically compared to an actual round of golf, whereas it's more costly to tee off early in the day, at Topgolf the hourly rate increases later in the day.

Breaking it down. You pay $28 per bay from open (10am) until noon. From 12pm through 5pm it's $38 per bay, and from 5pm until closing it's $48 per until midnight (1am Fri-Sat). Do you have some free time on Tuesday? You guessed it, every second day of the work week is 'half price Tuesday'. Come in Wednesday from 10am until noon and enjoy unlimited play for $15. Here's a well deserved perk. Active and retired military, first responders, teachers, and healthcare workers receive 10% off. And yes they are open seven days a week.

If you are considering taking up the game than Topgolf offers personal and group lessons in their climate controlled bays using state of the art technology. Individual lessons begin at $99 per hour with groups rates ranging from $129 to $149.

I know what you're saying. What about the food? Two things that don't normally go together are 'sports bar and executive chef'. As Director of Operations Kevin Kraft told me think of Topgolf as an upscale sports bar. Although you're not going to get steak dinners or shrimp & grits, Topgolf will blow you away with their incredible handheld delights. The food may not be five star however, using an everyday golf term it's most definitely a triple bogey, meaning it's three notches above par. Nothing run of the mill coming out of their kitchen.

While many of their bill of fare items are often consumed out in the hitting bays, the very wise food & beverage management staff designed a finite yet select menu that makes it easy to grab a bite or liquid refresh between hitting balls. And believe me, the food is just as rewarding as hitting the target. Sure you'll recognize similar foods you'd see on the standard sports bar menus, but their quality and preparation, combined with their presentation sets them apart. If you're coming for the whole Topgolf experience than I suggest you bring your big boy or big girl appetite. Their servings are ample and teeming with flavor.

The Smokehouse Burger is somewhere between a plump and juicy quasi smashburger with a southern connection. A full half pound all beef patty layered in bacon, cheddar, and veggies with a ample slather or BBQ sauce. For those who love their poultry, I recommend the Buttermilk Fried or Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Served with your choice of fries or the kid friendly tater tots. Substitute a side salad for just a buck. aaaaaatopgolf smokehouse burger

The Black Bean All American Burger is an ideal choice for vegans, as are the Cobb or Chopped Chicken Salad minus the birdie (golf pun). Topgolf offer over 15 signature Bites & Shareables that are ideal finger foods when divvying your time up in the hitting bay. Four signature flatbreads including the Meatalian a carnivore lovers delight complete with a heaping array of prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, and pepperoncini. A pleasant handheld snack.

Want something with a bit more zing than you have several options. While most eateries serve nachos layered under ingredients and drizzled cheese, Topgolf's Nacho Average Nachos are salty tortilla chips individually coated with pinto beans, pepper jack, cheddar, Monterey Jack, chimichurri, and jalapeƱo. Zestiness and crunch in every single bite.

Their namesake bone-in or boneless Topgolf Wings come in five flavors and are delivered to your table with crispy carrots and celery, with your choice of ranch or blue cheese. Tired of the traditional red pepper hummus, their Harvest Roasted Carrot Hummus, arrives to your table with celery, carrots, cucumber, and a seasoned grilled flatbread. Majority of appetizers and entrees range from $8 to $14. aaaaaatopgolfwings

Popping in just after 10am with an insatiable hunger. Topgolf serve up a hellacious Breakfast Burrito (scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, & cheddar) or a true palmetto favorite the Chicken Biscuit Sandwich laced with honey. For the junior golfers in your party, Topgolf offer up chicken fingers, grilled cheese, or cheeseburger complete with fries or tots and a drink for just $7. Save room for their cinnamon-sugar dusted Injectable Donuts Holes served with your choice of chocolate, raspberry or Bavarian cream. A pop in your mouth sweet treat!

What is good food without good drink. Topgolf have two full service bars that can concoct your favorite adult beverage or non alcoholic drink. For parties of two or more the Boozy Cherry Limeade Golfbag is a smooth blend of Deep Eddy Lime Vodka, grenadine, Sprite, cherry, and lime. And you get to take home a souvenir mug. For the straight up beer drinker Topgolf carry most of your favs, including a good mix from local brewers. aaaaaatopgolfbags

Tired of the same old gathering place for dad's birthday party or the company get together. Have them all come out to Topgolf for your next event or team building social. A great way to host a family reunion, out of town guests, or to entertain potential business partners. Friendly competition combined with great food. Topgolf will even let you bring in your own cake for that special celebration.

The recap highlight reel presents like this. Whether you're a long time golfer or a first timer there's plenty to do at Topgolf. You can hit balls or compete in against your friends. Much like on the golf course itself, skill and luck overlap. At Topgolf a newbie can score better than the seasoned weekend warrior. And how much fun would that be to beat the veteran in your group.

Of course you can always just drop in Topgolf for good food and drink, maybe catch the game on the big screen or hang out with your buddies playing foosball or table shuffleboard. No matter the reason, check your everyday cares and inhibitions at the door and come in to have one or two hours of all out fun. Just off I-26 at the Montague Avenue exit or I-526 on International Blvd near the entrance to Tanger Outlet. For more visit their website at