Pizza A Modo Mio Cafe Bringing Taste of NY To Hollywood SC

Morning Fare, Coffee, Deli Sandwiches, Take & Bake, & NY Style Pizza All Under One Roof

Jeff Walker, Food & Beverage Writer

Riding on the success of his initial Pizza A Modo Mio on Bees Ferry Road at Hwy 61, owner operator Michael Pitera took a leap of faith recently opening a second location on Hwy 162 in downtown Hollywood SC. A seasoned pizza man, Pitera began spinning pizza dough two decades ago on Long Island NY, finding his way to Charleston a few years back, running a well trafficked food truck before opening his West Ashley brick and mortar site in late 2022.  aaaaaaaapizzamodologo 1

Unlike the poker player waiting for the fifth diamond to complete an unlikely flush, it's safe to say Pitera makes more calculated moves. While Hollywood has long been a drive-through rural town for people on the way to Edisto, with the continued growth edging further away from Charleston, Pitera understands the small town is growing. Proof positive is two beginning neighborhoods with 1000's of homes being built within a half mile of his eatery, and more planned along 162.

The new location at 6231 Hwy 162 was the former home of Hollywood Pizza, and with the previous owner looking to sell, Pitera opted to expand his Pizza A Modo Mio presence. However this time out, Pitera took his vision a step further, adding a brunch style cafe (6am-2pm), allowing for the pizzeria to operate 4-8pm, carrying the same menu items he offers up West Ashley with the exception of a pickle pizza. Don't try to think that one through, it's a Hollywood SC thing, so give the people what they want! aaaaaaaapizzaamodo244

With help from Scott Jerue (one of his trusted Bees Ferry managers), and Scott's wife Nikki, the trio transformed Hollywood Pizza into Pizza A Modo Mio & Cafe, with the couple bringing coffeehouse experience as well to the mix. While marinara sauce runs through Pitera's veins, he's a forward thinking food & beverage man. "I always wanted to operate a morning cafe." He adds, "With my love for pizza, and Scott's passion for coffee, I knew it would be an ideal combination."

Before I delve into the brunch cafe menu, let me offer up a quick and relative sidebar on Michael Pitera, and his enthusiasm with pizza. Michael competed in a World-wide Pizza Competition held recently in Las Vegas, which included over 500 participants competing from Europe, Asia, South America, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

In the 'cheese pizza' only category, Pitera placed 6th in the world among 100 vying for that particular title, missing out on the Top 5 by just a few tenths of a point. Pitera was judged on how well his pizza was baked, the dough, the cheese, the sauce, as well as overall appearance and taste. Freakin' amazing! Pitera's pizza guy Pete placed 22nd in a race to determine the fastest pizza box maker. A strong showing by both devoted pizza men! aaaaaaaapizzaamodo241

If the aforementioned accolades were not enough to validate Pitera's dedication to the craft, a proud supporter of first responders, Pitera is also a long time member of Long Island Pizza Strong, an organization much like Tunnels 2 Towers, that raises money for families of fallen New York City police officers. Due to Pitera's ties to Long Island, he is the only pizzeria outside of New York that participates in the fundraising mission. For more on Long Island Strong visit

I could break down the pizzeria aspect of the new location, but since reviewed his West Ashley location last year, aside from the pickle pizza, it's best described by clicking the following link,

So let's look at the cafe addition to Pizza A Modo Mio Cafe. You can take Michael out of Long Island NY, but you can't take Long Island out of Michael. His pizzeria reflects his New York upbringing, and the new cafe mirrors the same early morning neighborhood eateries he recalls from his childhood.

Think of the brunch cafe as a combination bistro, deli, and coffeehouse. He and his staff offer up authentic New York bagels, hot panini sandwiches, grab n' go six inch Italian deli heros, cannolis, and salads, as well as killer breakfast pastries, complemented by rich coffee and espresso drinks using special blended beans from Charleston Coffee Exchange. Pitera is simply bringing several of the most preferred everyday New York menu items to Hollywood SC. Unheard of, until now!

Open just two months (first week of February), three signature paninis are among the best sellers with the Reuben topping the panini chart. Just like thin crust pizza, kosher hotdogs, and soft street pretzels, the Reuben is a New York City staple, and Pizza A Modo Mio due justice to the iconic sandwich, layering rye bread with choice corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, adding a slather of Russian dressing before taking on panini form. To enhance the already incredible sandwich they add sliced bagel chips with additional dressing for dipping.

The bagels resemble an Italian or Jewish deli vibe. A half dozen choices including poppy seed, sesame, and cinnamon raisin. A hearty bagel smeared with jam or butter for just $2.75, or enjoy with zesty cream cheese for $3.50. Make your bagel into a sumptuous breakfast sandwich with egg, choice of cheese, and choice of meat (bacon, sausage, turkey sausage) for around $7. Get the same on either a croissant or always welcome kaiser roll. aaaaaaaapizzaamodobagel

In a bit of a hurry, you can grab any of four pre-made sandwiches from the fridge, including a traditional Italian sub that overflowing with salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, capicola, provolone, and lettuce & tomato, on an authentic Italian roll. Playing it safe the ham & cheese with veggies will easily satisfy. Subs priced $7 to $8. In case you're wondering, there are several gluten free bread options.

Maybe you're just popping in to satisfy your sweet tooth. That's where Nikki's sister Maddie comes in. She makes most of the pastries including oversized chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake brownies, scones, cheese danish, and a variety of muffins. All made with an extra measure of love. Ideal with a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage.  The cafe also offer the very popular Black & White cookie which has become a mainstay in New York City.  A fluffy angel cake based treat topped in half vanilla and half chocolate. It's decadent.aaaaaaaapizzaamodo242

And what about the coffee. Again Pizza A Modo Mio Cafe serve up their special blend complements of Charleston Coffee Exchange. Enjoy a dark or light roasted brew. The Broadway au Lait is a premium blend served with steamed milk, while the Commuter's Start is a drip coffee with a hint of espresso. Great way to supercharge your morning commute.

The coffeehouse side of the cafe is Scott's forte with all the espressos carrying a decidedly Big Apple name. Perhaps the Liberty Latte will set you free. Their signature blend crafted with a smidge of sea salt, and an infusion of local honey, maple, and cinnamon. The Grand Central is a dark or light blend of mocha, espresso, and milk under a thin layer of foam.

The Times Square is a busy combination of cappuccino, espresso and milk, topped with a thick layer of foam. You can get your brewed coffee of choice in hot and or cold varieties, as well as themed signature teas including the 100% organic Midtown Matcha green tea, and the New Yorker, aka Michael's inspired premium blend of iced lemonade and berry tea. Ask about their signature flavors. Nice way to add a little pizzazz to your hot or cold beverage. Refreshing! aaaaaaaapizzaamodo247

Want to savor a true Italian meal at home, they've got your covered. Just past the counter you'll find a 'take & bake' fridge that offers a variety of pasta and Italian bread prepared by New York artisans, ready for you too take home, heat up, and serve your family.

Want to further enhance your pasta meal than grab Pitera's Vodka & Marinara sauce. It's just across the dining room in the same fridge where the pre-made sandwiches are. You'll also find pre-packaged antibiotic charcuterie from well respected Niman Ranch, or gluten free spicy salami seasoned with aged provolone from San Guiseppe Salami Co. out of North Carolina. Next to the grab n' go is a small marketplace where you can pick up some ground coffee or Lowcountry Olive Oil. aaaaaaaapizzaamodo248

Given that Pitera took over an existing location that was housed in a decades old building in rural Hollywood SC, he and his team did all the necessary upgrades while maintaining a clean and welcoming rustic interior. The back corner offers a very comfortable couch and coffee table next to shelves full of games that might keep kids busy.

Enjoy eating alfresco (outdoors), than step out back where Pizza A Modo Mio Cafe provides a well manicured fenced in courtyard with picnic tables, adirondack chairs, and a fire pit. It's a serene setting and an ideal place to enjoy Sunday brunch now that they have been approved for a beer & wine license. Mimosas, breakfast pastries, and live music in Hollywood SC. Sounds mind-blowing and inviting at the same time. They even plan to host events in the courtyard. aaaaaaaapizzaamodo246

Like a restaurant review recipe let's add one more more highlight to the mix. Should you venture out back you'll discover they have a greenhouse and a garden where Pitera says they grow as many herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables as they can to utilize in their brunch and pizzeria menus. Using fresh ingredients, carrying goods from low country vendors, and offering authentic Italian products is Pitera's way of not only promoting local but providing customers with the very best. It's part of his food & beverage DNA!

Quick recap. Pizza A Modo Mio has been serving up real NY style pizza out of their West Ashley location for more than a year, and now northerners and locals living in Hollywood, Ravenel, Meggett, and Edisto can enjoy the identical Italian menu at 6231 Hwy 162 with a caveat. The pizzeria side of the eatery opens from 4pm to 8pm Tuesday thru Saturday, with the brunch cafe open 6am-2pm Monday-Friday, and 7am-2pm on the weekends.

If you savor a great cup of joe, crave NY bagels, desire breakfast pastries and sandwiches, as well as love authentic NY style pizza than I suggest you put Pizza A Modo Mio Cafe on your frequency list. Don't forget they offer grab n' go Italian treats, deli sandwiches, and all the fixins' for an Italian meal you can complete at home. The answer is yes, you can order online or call ahead for pickup.

Michael Pitera is just trying to bring several elements of his Long Island neighborhood to Hollywood SC. Think of Pizza A Modo Mio Cafe as a community coffee shop, deli, butcher, market place, and pizzeria all under one roof. Come taste the difference. Discover more at