Stones Throw Brewing Celebrating '12 Beers of Christmas'

 Brew Master 'Sleeveless Dave'  & STB Staff Doctor Signature Craft Beers For Month of December

Jeff Walker,  Entertainment Writer

While many may not associate beer with the holidays, it's clear that beer and wine are mentioned throughout the Bible. Although I'm certain God never meant them to be abused, He allowed the two for sensible enjoyment especially during festive occasions. aaaaaaaastbposter

On that note Stones Throw Brewing (STB) located at 101 Button Hall Ave in Goose Creek is celebrating 'the 12 Beers of Christmas'. The yuletide promotion is simply part of their 'eat, drink, & be merry' campaign, introducing unique blends of their signature brews paired with their equally inviting appetizers, handheld delights, and weekend brunch. 

Included in the dozen beers are a pleasant mix of IPAs, lagers, ambers, and porters, allowing patrons to experience a wide variety of STB's brews. Beginning December 1st through the 23rd, they invite beer lovers to enjoy two per visit. After patrons have sampled all 12 beers they will receive a free app of their choice. The upside is, you may discover a new craft beer that pleases your palate.

Among the 12 specifically crafted for the promotion is 'Spicy Beery-Mary' which is their salute to a bloody Mary, concocted with their signature 'Easy Like a Sunday Morning' American light lager with a snippet of vodka and Texas Pete for an extra kick. No doubt caffeine lovers will love the 'Coffee Beer-tini', their chocolate infused Pretty Good Porter blended with coffee and Jameson Cold Brew Whiskey. Both might go well at the midday weekend brunch. aaaaaaaastbfloat 1

Peanut lovers might embrace their 'PBPT Float', their Peanut Butter Porter Time created with ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. Presented like the familiar cold sweet treat it comes with a side of PBPT to further enhance during sipping. Eye appealing topped with a cinnamon peep. 

Several pale ales to entice beer lovers including SBTs Creek Rising (a straw colored citrus beer) transformed into the 'Ginger Shanty' with a dose of Gosling's Ginger Beer and a hint of lime. Ooh la-la zesty!

Prefer a smooth drinking American amber, order up the 'Old Fashioned Amber' which is their light bodied red Firehouse Ale with a drop of Maker's Mark Whisky. Fruit lovers might fancy the 'Bogging For Apples' which combines two of the holidays most prominent fruits (apples & cranberries). Crafted from their Cranberry Apple Sour it offers a hint of sweetness. Could easily complement a dessert! aaaaaaaastbcranapple

If you're the adventurous type 'the 12 Beers of Christmas' is ideal for the craft beer enthusiast. All the concoctions are from the twisted mindset of 'Sleeveless Dave'. Meet him and you'll appreciate his nickname and you can thank him for his passion to beer.

Pair any of the above with a hearty Tavern Burger topped with fried green tomato and pimento cheese or SBT's signature Fried Green BLT complete with a slather of mayo and pimento. Double yummy for the tummy!

aaaaaaaastb1A member of the Stones Throw Tavern group, Stones Throw Brewing is perhaps their most most welcoming tavern, sitting in the heart of Goose Creek in a former firehouse. They host a variety of events including Gears & Beers (car show) every third Saturday of the month and a motorcycle gathering on the first Saturday.

They host karaoke on a regular basis and throughout the Christmas season are a Toys For Tots drop off location, and are offering 1/2 a beer when you bring in an unwrapped toy Mon-Thurs. Celebrate the season of giving at Stones Throw Brewing while you eat, drink, & become merry. Even Santa enjoys a good craft beer on occasion. 

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