Hugh-Baby's Serving Up Old Fashion Comfort Food

 One of West Ashley's Latest Eateries Focuses On Burgers, BBQ & Service

Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

Drop in 1028 Saint Andrews Blvd. in West Ashley and your taste buds will definitely take a step back in time. From the same restaurant group that owns and operates Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint comes Hugh Baby's BBQ & Burger Shop, a unique fast food eatery focusing on a half dozen everyday comfort foods, including a sandwich reborn from decades ago. aaaaaaaahughbabylogo

Without question the two menu items at Hugh-Baby's that have been garnering attention are their mouthwatering cheeseburgers and the pulled pork sandwich. While the big name fast food chains serve up the same old uninspiring menu, Hugh-Baby's revisits those yesteryear roadside diners where patrons flocked to decades ago to enjoy freshly made everyday menu items prepared by fry cooks.

There is an art to serving up the ideal smashburger, cooking it fully while maintaining just enough fat content to ensure a juicy burger, and Hugh-Baby's has perfected the technique. Purely a thin yet moist oversized premium beef patty blanketed under American cheese and your favorite veggies. Simply delicious and slathered with their 'Comeback Sauce' assuring happy and satisfied repeat visits. You'll need a few extra napkins. aaaaaaaahughbabyburger

Their pulled pork sandwich is akin to a small meal on a bun. Martin's is already lauded for their BBQ, so you know heading in it's going to be awesome. An ample portion of succulent slow smoked meat topped with a dollop of coleslaw and Hugh Baby's signature sauce. Yummy to the tummy! One would easily fill the average appetite, but at $5.49 go ahead and splurge, besides no one will chastise you for wolfing down two of these handheld delights.

As their website declares, Hugh-Baby's Hot Dogs are an 'ode to the quintessential gas station hotdogs of your youth'. You remember when you pulled off the main road to fill up your tank and decided to fill your belly as well, popping inside the small all purpose convenience store to order one of the plump franks twirling in the heated carousel. Maybe do the straight up Ball Park Dog with relish & yellow mustard or with custom toppings to create the Slaw or Chili Cheese Dog.

While they have equally impressive fried chicken and fried catfish sandwiches, as well as a Smoked Turkey Club and a Shroom & Swiss Burger, without question the true throwback poor man's delicacy is their Bologna (baloney) Sandwich. While Italy may lay claim to its origin, mothers and grandmothers in the American south perfected it, with Hugh-Baby's serving it up similar to what you remember. A thick slab of meat with mustard, pickles, and onion on a soft warm bun! Try it again for the first time. aaaaaaaahughbabybologna

The best part of your order when you're at Hugh-Baby's is that it is made to order. Nothing sitting under a heat lamp anticipating the lunch or dinner rush. The moment your counter transaction is complete that's when the kitchen crew begins making you meal. Grab a table and a number because one of their fine crew members will deliver it to your table. A nice little 'awesome sauce' perk! Hugh-Baby's menu isn't extensive. They focus on several comfort foods that satisfy everyday hunger. They expect you want tater treats with that, and their crispy golden fries come plain or dressed in chili & cheese. It wouldn't the south without fresh squeezed lemonade, iced tea, and your favorite Coca Cola products. If you an extra ordinary sweet tooth maybe enjoy a creamy chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry milkshake.

The overall vibe at Hugh-Baby's BBQ and Burger Shop is straightforward and unconventional. Their food & beverage mission is to serve up your favorite menu items that transport you back in time, to a time where you frequented the local diner for a burger and a Coke, or maybe you went to grandma's house and she fried up some of her famous bologna sandwiches.

They slow smoke the pork, turkey and bologna every day, and ground their all beef patties daily. Don't overthink Hugh-Baby's, just eat and repeat! Yes you can order online. Again you'll find them at 1028 Saint Andrews Blvd. near the the Ashley River Rd. (Hwy 61) and Olde Towne Rd merge. Less than 15 minutes from downtown Charleston and the north area. For more visit